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Friday, May 11, 2012

Meet the moms.  One is my birth mom and one is my husband's birth mom but also my mom.  They are both incredible.  They are both unconditional in their love.  They are both my heroes.

And now letters to the moms.

my mama, me and my sissy

Dear Mom, Mommy, Lindy, Crazy Lady,

Thank you for your sacrifice.  You gave me life, your time, your money, your eyes and most importantly your unconditional love.  I am forever grateful for the loving home from which I was raised and I know that you were the backbone of that home.  You remember that time in my life when I was “too cool?”  Circa 1999 – middle school.  Enough said – it was middle school, I had an excuse right?  Well I look back on those years and laugh at my ignorance.  Because I didn’t know just how “cool” you really were.  And then during my 8th grade year we had a wake-up call and I vowed then to never let you feel “uncool” again.  So how I am I doing?  Mom, I hope you feel special every day but especially on Mother’s Day.  I hope you realize my attempt to be more and more like you every day.  And I hope you know how much Matt and I love you.

Happy Mother’s Day.  


my other mama, matt and me

Dear Mom, Mom 2, Margaret,

Thank you for raising the man that has my heart – for teaching him what integrity means and how to treat a lady.  Thank you for loving him unconditionally and then for loving me like your own.  I feel incredibly blessed to have a mother-in-law like you and I am inspired by our close relationship.  Thank you for your kind words of encouragement every single day and for listening to me vent about school during our catch-up sessions.  It’s true what they say, “A man will marry his mother.”  I can’t claim to be you or nearly as good as you, but we both know your son married someone much like you.  And for that I am grateful.  Thank you for remaining sane despite raising three boys (two of them being identical twins!).  I love you and hope that Mother’s Day is special for you.  I hope you see the love that Matt and I feel for you in our hearts.  I hope you know that you have set an example that we try so hard to follow.  Thank you for being you and I hope you know how much Matthew and I love you.

Happy Mother’s Day,

Love, Denise

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Nicole Marie said...

you three are beautiful! So are you both adopted?? and your husbands birth mom is your mom??

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