Super Bowl 2015

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

sadly all these were blurry!  but i still love it!

cupcakes by Sugar by the Sea!  I will be featuring this adorable baker and her shop next week! 
my loves

This year for the Super Bowl we decided to keep it pretty low key. Gigi had a birthday party that afternoon and we knew she'd be tired so we stopped by my parents for the first quarter of the game. They had a small get together with the neighbors on their street so we crashed the party, ate some food, made some bets and then headed home to watch the remainder of the game in our PJ's. It was perfect! Georgia had a blast at my parents' entertaining all of their friends and of course rocking her Tom Brady jersey. I kinda felt bad wearing one, since I went to NC State and all (Russell Wilson, the QB for Seattle went there too!) but I just can't help myself. I love Tom Brady and his wife and his adorable fam and so I did it! My mama, Georgia and I rocked our matching jerseys! And I'm pretty sure they bought the Patriots good luck at the end of the game ;) 

What did you do for Super Bowl? Any favorite commercials?


Anonymous said...

oh you guys are adorable in your jerseys!!

Stephanie Chalk said...

You and your family are precious! Love your Brady jerseys. Xo, Stephanie

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