1st Trimester Must-Have's / 2nd Time Around!

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Lemon anything + Ginger Ale!  I was super nauseous and vomited a lot during this 1st trimester which was no fun.  But one thing that made it better?  Lemons!  I also had a lot of food aversions but anything with lemon in it tasted yummy.  And I could have icy cold water with lemon?  Well that'd be even better!  If water wasn't an option or I was sick of it then, like most nauseous preggies, I turned to my dear old friend Ginger Ale.

Beauty Counter Gentle Exfoliator + Nourishing Cleansing Balm. I use this stuff pregnant or not, but since becoming pregnant my face has. freaked. out.  Breakout after breakout coupled with super dry skin.  It was awful.  Well it was so bad I decided to venture away and try some stronger, but still pregnancy safe, acne medicine.  It made it worse!  So. Much. Worse.  I switched back to my Beauty Counter products and within a week, my face had calmed down, breakouts were better, dry patches were gone and redness was gone.  Y'all, I know I talk about these products a lot but it's because they are the holy grail in skin care.  They have saved my skin time and time again and after reading this article, I want to stay away from nasty, harmful chemicals as much as possible.  It is just not worth the risks!  And these products do just that.  So once again, Beauty Counter to the rescue!  I wash with the Exfoliator 3 times a week at night and use the Nourishing Cleaning Balm as a cleanser most nights, and 1-2 times a week I will put it on a clean face and leave it overnight as a moisture mask.  When I wake up, I have plump, dewy skin and no breakouts!  I've also been using their make-up for the past 3 months and their tint skin + concealer combo has me looking fresh faced and awake (even when I'm so sleepy!).  A life savor for 1st trimester.... and for my life in general.

Leggings + Comfy PJ's.  I was exhausted, like most, during my 1st trimester.  Like couldn't hold my eyes open after noon.  I napped most days and just listened to my body as best as I knew how.  So these PJ's and these leggings were basically my uniform for about 8 weeks.  Ok fine, they still are!  Get yo self some comfy PJ's mamas or non-mamas.  They are worth it!!  And these cute Target ones are on sale!

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Living In This Season said...

Ginger ale was always such a necessity for me! Excited for you!

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