my first experience with Stitch Fix

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

wearing my favorite shirt from stitch fix.  holding my favorite girl.

Have yall heard of the ever-growing, personal shopping experience called Stitch Fix?  Well you should have!  Because it is ah-mazing.  See nowadays, I don't love shopping (my husband may disagree).  And I just don't have the time.  Try bringing a toddler into JCrew and see what happens.  Enter Stitch Fix.  The initial concept flagged my attention and some of my friends have tried (and loved) it so I thought I'd give it a whirl.  You sign up here, fill out a long and personal style questionnaire and your personal shopper does the rest!  You can even attach a link to your Pinterest Style board and leave personal comments (I requested a flannel shirt with some red in it and low and behold I got the softest, most comfy, absolutely perfect flannel shirt in my shipment!).  Another cool feature?  You attach price points to each categories (pants, tops, dresses, jewelry), so you won't receive a bunch of fabulous items that you can't afford.  The best part?  It's no strings attached.  You pay $20 to receive the shipment and if you don't like anything in the shipment, you mail it all back and all you forfeit is your 20 bucks.  But if you keep anything, your $20 goes towards the purchase of that item.  And even better, if you like everything you get 25% off of it all!  I spent $225 on my last shipment and kept everything.  I got a dress, a flannel shirt, jeans, a long cardigan and a black blouse.  I think I made out pretty great.  I also love the style cards sent with each piece offering various ways to style your items.  I kinda wanted to hug my personal shopper.  I know we would be friends in real life.  

So anyway, I think you should give it a shot!  Sign up HERE (I get a credit if you use my link!) and fill out your questionnaire and just wait.  Wait for Christmas to show up in your mailbox.  It's that good!


Owen Ross Davis said...

DYING to try this! I have heard nothing but good things. Just filled out my eval form using your link :) Xoxo

Jordan said...

I just got my 3rd one today! It's the best thing ever!!

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