halloween wrap-up 2014

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

As previously mentioned, my tiny baby lady dressed up as the cutest mouse there ever was.  Well her sissy, Sevilla, decided she wanted to be a giraffe.  And mom and dad had zebra and monkey ears respectively, although we haven't managed to get a family picture yet!  Shame I know.  By the time Matt got home Friday night it was off to "trick-or-treat", or in our case, walk the streets and wave "hi" to everyone.  And this weekend was spent recovering from a nasty cold that said tiny mouse passed on to mom and dad  We are all feeling much better, but man!  Cold and flu season is for the birds!  Oh and throw in daylight savings time?!!?  What was once my favorite Saturday night of fall (hello more sleep!) has quickly changed as I've realized tiny mice don't get the memo.  So it's been 6:15 wake ups for us over here (but I'm not complaining.  Judging by my Facebook feed, I may have it good compared to some of you mamas!  babies go back to sleep!)  I digress... well here are some pictures of the mouse and the giraffe.  Best of friends I swear.  And a family photo to come soon.

PS - the sweet Elizabeth of All Kinds of Things was kind enough to feature me on her blog last week.  Check it out here!

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