i kindaaaaaa want bangs. and this pineapple lamp

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

a few weeks ago i got a little crazy at the hair salon and did a drastic ombre if-you-will.  darker on top and lighter on the bottom.  picture above (excuses the car selfie).  that was big time for me considering i rarely change ANYTHING about my hair.  see, here's the thing.  my hair routine was low-maintenance before having a baby.  i rarely used a blow drier (or any styling tool for that matter) and it was generally in a ponytail.  well now, after baby?  it's just sad y'all.  i did the mom chop last fall and went to shoulder-length and i'm considering that again.  but something about getting bangs is calling my name.  there is one thing holding me back though... the fact that i had bangs until the 8th grade.  yep.  i wish that was an exaggeration but it's not.  i basically came out of my mom's womb with bangs.  oh and middle school bangs?  let's just say there was a round brush and lots of hairspray involved.  so that's why i'm hesitant about bangs.  i see all these cool people rocking them and i love the look.  and frankly maybe bangs would make my everyday ponytail look a little more chic.  but i can't get 7th grade denise out of my mind ha.  but if i do decide to take the plunge, these are my inspirations below.  i mean rose byrne, i love you.  and your bangs.  (all photos found on my pinterest page)

and this pineapple lamp?  it's on my christmas/birthday wishlist that's for sure.  

found at zara


Katie Cook said...

Can't wait to see your bangs! You will look adorable! xoxo

Pamela said...

Yesss, it'll be super cute on you!

Anonymous said...

i love the ombre!!! beauty!!

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