Holiday Gift Guide for HIM

Thursday, November 20, 2014

1.  The Gourmet Sea Salt Sampler.  My hubby enjoys cooking and grilling and he absolutely lvoes trying new "rubs" or seasonings.  And salt?  Well let's just say there's a love affair going on.  No matter how much I salt our food, Matt always has to add a little extra.  So I think this sea salt sampler is the perfect gift for a guy like him.  I know he would love trying out the different flavors (as will Georgia and I!).  $19

2.  Speck IPhone Case.  Guys like minimal - at least my guy does.  I can promise you Matt doesn't want an IPhone case in any color other than black (unless it's Wake Forest gold), and he sincerely needs a case.  I'm leaning towards this one because he can throw a card or two along with a bit of cash in the back which makes it so easy.  Love this case for guys.  $27

3.  Man Can.  Truth be told, my hubby likes candles.  He's been known to light one while I'm not home when he's cleaning or getting stuff done.  He's a keeper I know.  But how cute manly are these candles?  I love them!  I think Matt will definitely end up with one or two of these under the tree.  I'm thinking he may even like one for his desk at work!  $10

4.  Jelly Beans.  These are my hubby's favorite for sure.  So whatever the man in your life loves to snack on, make sure some form of it winds up under the tree!  I'm thinking this 4 lb. jar should last Matt about a month ;).  $23

5.  BMW Luggage Expandable Toploader.  If your hubby travels at all for work this is the perfect gift.  I've been trying to find one for Matt because he has been traveling more lately.  I love that this one serves a  briefcase but can easily slide over the handle of your carry on luggage for ease in the airport.  $300

6.  Math Glasses.  These are so fun.  Matt is super smart.  And loves math and science.  And I just think it would be fun for all the men out there to take their bourbon in a glass with pi on it! $38

7.  Weber Smoker Box.  As I mentioned above, Matt loves grilling.  He's always wanted to try to smoke something and I love that this little smoke box let's your try it out on your own grill.  $22

And congrats to the winner of the Mimi's the Look Giveaway!  Results HERE!


Valerie said...

Oh I know someone who would love the jelly beans! My boyfriend is obsessed with them haha xx

Valerie said...

Oh I know someone who would love the jelly beans! My boyfriend is obsessed with them haha xx

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