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Thursday, August 28, 2014

So remember that adorable company that sells baby blankets and onesies I introduced y'all to a few weeks back?  And told y'all how about not only do they sell the softest things imaginable but they also give back for every purchase?!?!  Well the owners, Donnie and Bethany, are here to share a little bit more about themselves.  So read below and check out their shop here.  Also you can use the promo code LABORDAY14 for 14% off of your entire purchase through the weekend!  
Happy Shopping!


Names: Donnie & Bethany  (Owners)

D: Wilmington, NC
B: Durham, NC

Current Town:
B: We love calling Wilmington home!

How did you two love birds meet?
B: We had both recently graduated from UNCW but our paths had (somehow) never crossed.  Donnie randomly moved into an apartment on Wrightsville Beach with some of my closest guy friends from Durham. We met at one of their beach cookouts and became friends over the summer.  I wasn’t looking for the love of my life at the time, but when I met Donnie that ALL changed!  I was quickly smitten and the rest is history.

3 words that your family would use to describe you:
D: Kind-hearted, focused, and passionate (answered by Bethany J)
B: HUGE heart, beautiful inside & out, nurturing (answered by Donnie J)

Boy or girl, what are your guesses? 
D: Sweet little girl so I can go and buy that tutu I saw on our first baby shopping trip.
B: I go back and forth every day!  Definitely thinking boy more than girl.  I can’t wait until I hear those words on delivery day!

What is one thing you are most excited about becoming a parent?
D: All the baby laughs! This baby is sure to fill our home with lots of laughter.
B: The feeling of being a mommy. The thing I’m most excited about doing is rocking my babe to sleep and just savoring that moment.

What is one prayer/hope you have for Baby B?
D: There is nothing I could want more than a healthy happy baby.
B: That they’re like their daddy!

How did XOve Baby come to life?
D: It has always been a desire of mine and Bethany’s to do more and help others. We are passionate about knowing that everything happens for a reason and knew the perfect opportunity was right in front of us when we dreamed up XOve Baby.

With her experience working as a Nanny and true love for babies, combined with my passion for business, we knew we wanted to make our job helping children.

Unfortunately, not every child is brought into this world under perfect conditions, and this is all out of their control. It is for these reasons that we feel strongly about helping children feel a sense of comfort through our products.

Where is the name from?
B: I moved away for work for 6 months right when Donnie and I got engaged.  Between planning a wedding and the distance, we covered a lot of texts and emails.  Our exchanges either always ended with a ‘love you’ or a ‘XO’.  Eventually that evolved into XOve.  It embodies what we had always envisioned our company being about. 

Why give back?
B: Giving back wasn’t an afterthought for us; it was one of our first thoughts.  It’s what we wanted to build a company around.  At the end of the day, if we’re not doing something to really help others- why do it?

What inspires you and fires you up?
D: Knowing that with every new day comes an opportunity to meet new people, influence the lives of others, and learn something we didn’t know the day before.

When you aren’t filling orders and giving to those in need what are you doing?
D: Bethany and I are both currently working full-time jobs outside of XOve Baby so that does take up most of our “free time”. However, I do enjoy to play golf, surf, swim in the pool, or hang out in Starbucks with my iPad and a nice tall coffee in hand!
B: Getting ready for Baby B and living up our 2-person family status while we can!  We’ve been trying to fit in impromptu dates- whether it’s jumping in the car for a day getaway, a dinner out, or just going to the beach without having to pack the whole house! We’re trying to do things now that we may not be able to do for a while.

What is one goal for XOve Baby?
D: One goal for our company is to build a community around what we do for others through the business. The quality of the products that we make for each and every baby is very important to us, but the support and influence of each new member of our community is priceless.


I mean their hearts... love them.  And love their mission and purpose!  Yall support this sweet company and go shop!  Remember to use the promo code LABORDAY14 through the weekend!


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