Gigi's Reading List

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Gigi's Reading List


Guess How Much I Love You

One of G's favorite things to do these days is "read."  She will sit for literally 30 minutess and just go through her books turning the pages.  Sometimes she will then hand you one for you to read, and then it's off to turn some more pages.  She especially loves "reading" before bed time after bath.  It's her way of prolonging her night night I believe.  Whatever the case we have our favorites, and by we I mean the baby lady.  She gravitates towards the same books and when we open them, it is like someone told her the biggest joke- she breaks into a belly laugh.  Above are our absolute favorites.  Pretty much anything by Sandra Boynton or Nancy Tillman are gold in my opinion.  Tillman's illustrations with kids and animals seem magical and Boynton's silly stories make G smile.  Dear Zoo is a new favorite of our's and the flaps are already worn from G constantly lifting them then looking back at me with a grin.  I Love You, Stinky Face and Guess How Much I love You are two of the first books I ever read to Goergia.  I still read them every day and I truly enjoy them just as much as my little one (Matt and I have also both memorized each of these books! ha!).

What about y'all?  So your little one's have favorite books?  What should we add to G's collection?


Unknown said...

One of my absolute favorites is "The Runaway Bunny." This little bunny wants to run away from his mamma - but wherever he goes - she follows. If he becomes a fish, she is a fisherman to catch him and bring him home. If he becomes a bird, she is a tree, so he will "come home" to her. So cute! :)

Linh said...

Aw love! Marli doesn't have any of these, but that's more reason to stock up now. She is obsessed with her Sophie Giraffe and Elmo books...and anything that pops up or out. haha

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