a beach morning

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

i love her belly.  like really really love it.

saturday morning matt and i woke with no real plans for the day ahead.  we had my nephew's birthday dinner later that night, but nothing until 5:30!  it was kinda like christmas.  we've been on such a go-go-go spiral these days with trips and plans and while it has been so much fun, it has been exhausting.  so we welcomed the relaxing day ahead.  we decided to pack up our tiny love and head to the beach.  georgia loves the ocean.  it almost scares me how much she loves it.  she wiggles and tries her hardest to run full speed ahead into the water.  and when a wave comes and knocks her down?  she looks at me and laughs, ready for more.  it leaves matt and i scratching our heads, because this child of ours truly has no fear.  i see things in my baby that i wish i would've had and it makes me excited.  i never want to tame her wild spirit - only foster and encourage it.  i don't want to her to fear things or second guess herself like her mama.  i want her to make a decision and run with it, never looking back.  and truth-be-told she's pretty good at that so far.  and i like that about my sweet baby.


Linh said...

This is so sweet. Love how adventurous she is! We still haven't taken Marli to the beach, but I think she would LOVE it. I'm pretty sure she wouldn't know what to do with all of that sand, though. Haha

Pamela said...

Love her little bathing suit!

Erika Lee @ A Tiny Rocket said...

awww she is adorable in the ruffled swim suit. My daughter loves the beach too and can't get enough of the sand.

Owen Ross Davis said...

The sweeeeetest beach bum!!

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