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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

 georgia loves the towel too
practicing her downward dog

not sure what it was about georgia turning 1, but after her birthday i finally felt the push to get back in to regular exercise.  and i feel so. much. better.  cheers to taking care of yourself jeez.  my fitness goals since having a baby are vastly different from what they were before georgia.  it's funny really.  before georgia, and while i was pregnant, i exercised regularly and "just knew that once she was born i would jump right back in.  i mean i was going to be bikini ready by the summer"  Ha!  oh naive nisey.  my body needed time.  my mind needed time.  and frankly it wasn't at the top of my priority list anymore.  sure i took a class here and there, maybe 3 a month, but i just wasn't ready to exercise again.  part of this was because i was sleep walking for about 9 months and part of it was discipline.  i allowed myself some grace in that department.  ok a lot of grace.  but whatever the reasons were, i just wasn't ready.  

well, now i am.  and i find myself drawn to more yoga and Pilates than before.  i used to be a dancer so i was decently flexible back in my day.  now?  embarrassingly enough i can't even touch my toes.  ok fine.  i'm not even close!  matt encourages me to stretch more because, not only is he way more flexible than me now, the amount of stiffness and inflexibility i possess is alarming.  so when i can't go to the gym (which is 5 out of the 7 days a week usually) I turn to my favorite - good ole Tracy Anderson.  I did her Pregnancy Videos and love love loveeeeed them.  And I recently started the metamorphosis DVD's and those are great! side note: by recently I mean yesterday :) I've done them before but always stopped before the 90 days, so this time I'm determine to push through.  I never have time to do the cardio DVD and the toning one.  So usually I do the toning one and a few times a week will go for a jog.  I also have been trying the P90X Yoga DVD to work on my flexibility.  side note: this dvd is HARD!  i can only do the first 30 minutes.  but hey!  i'm working on it. 

 i've also decided to upgrade some of my gear.  these two purchases make yoga and tracy's work outs wayyyyyy more enjoyable!  since i'm not flexible THIS yoga block has been amazing.  it makes stretching so much more comfortable and is a great way for me to ease back into my flexibility.  i also love THIS yoga mat towel.  i've always slipped on my yoga mat.  always.  not sure why i am just now purchasing one of these genius towels but i'm so glad i finally got one.  it also provides added support and cushion.  and is having an amazing summer sale and you can get these 2 helpers here!  hurry hurry!  i think i may buy a few more towels....

Yoga Outlet Sale HERE

What are your favorite workout DVD's?  how do you busy people find time to exercise?!


Linh said...

Awesome job girl! It's hard keeping a consistent routine esp with a baby and all, but I am really proud of you. I have been slacking the past week or so. Ugh. I don't do any dvds, but I have some HIIT exercise circuits I do that really work and most of them are only 20 min long. I usually try to work out in the morning before the baby gets up or during her nap. Keep me posted on your progress doll!

The Girl who Loved to Write said...

Pilates dvds are my go-to because it's easy to just pop something in and follow along without having to think a lot about it!

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