georgia grace is ONE!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

i still can't believe my baby girl is one year old (well... one year and one week exactly!).  We had the best time celebrating that little ray of sunshine last week and I can't wait to share pictures with y'all.  But until then here is a little about my baby lady at one year old!

Weight: G goes to the doctor tomorrow afternoon so stay tuned... (also prayers are welcomed!  we get LOTS of shots :( !!!!)

Health: She’s still a healthy lady praise the Lord.

Sleep: Yay yay!  Sleep is still a good thing at our house.  G goes down anywhere between 8 and 8:30 and sleeps until 6, takes a bottle, and goes back to sleep until 7:30 or 8.  I know I should probably drop that bottle at 6 ASAP so maybe I will tackle that next week, along with taking her bottle away (sheeeeesh turning 1 is hard stuff!).

Social: This month she had her last month of Kindermusik with her friends, finished swim lessons and had lots and lots of play dates.  She loves being around other babies and toddlers and I’m so excited for her to start "Preschool" in September.  I think she’ll love all of the playtime with friends. 

Diet: She’s eating anything and everything she can get her hands on!  She is picky at times, but really I think she’s just too busy to slow down and eat.  We are doing great with solids and have introduced whole milk in her bottle.  Still haven’t tried Peanut Butter yet but I’m dying too.  So maybe next week?!

Clothes: She can wear 12 months and 18 months (those are little big).  So we are in between I suppose? 

Baby Gear Love: I mean I died over the cupcake Honest Diapers this month!  I still love my Beaba BabyFood Maker – even though I’m not pureeing anything for G anymore, I use it to steam her fruits and veggies to make them soft enough for her to eat.  We also get good use out of these reusable pouches and I fill it with blueberry applesauce for when we are on the go.

Crying: She’s a pretty happy baby unless she’s tired, bored or hungry!

Likes:  Sevilla.  Duh.  She loves her new piano and anything music related.  She loves the pool, reading books, going on walks and bubbles – bubbles are kindaaaaa amazing these days!

not happy about crib pictures....

Dislikes: Now that she’s crawling a thousand miles a minute and starting to stand up and take steps (1-2 at most until she plops down!), she is not a happy lady if I pick her up when she is headed somewhere.  I mean she’s got places to be ya know?!  On the other side of that if she wants to be held she will let. You. Know. Period.  And she still hates the vacuum.   

Postpartum:  Still feeling good, still need to start exercising! EEEEEEEK

Milestones: She’s close to walking for sure but not there yet.  She takes a few steps here and there but then plops down and crawls way faster than most people can run.  She’s babbling away.  Her newest “word” is “nana” and she is constantly saying “mama” now which melts my heart :)


nicole said...

silly girl <3 <3 <3

The Yarbrough's said...

Can't believe she's already one. Happy {belated} Birthday cutie pie!!!

Anonymous said...

she seems like such a happy girl :) you are such a good mama!! happy one, georgia grace!!! and now the fun REALLY begins!!!!!

Natalie | Mrs. Janney | said...

Our daycare lady said if they are going to have an allergic reaction to peanut butter, it is usually the 2nd time they are introduced to it. Just a head's up. Henry LOVES peanut butter (we got the kind that is JUST ground peanuts with no added sugar) and I am so glad because peanut butter sandwiches on whole wheat bread are easy and I like knowing he is getting whole grains and protein.

She is so cute! Good luck with shots!!!

Pamela said...

Look at that little model!!

Linh said...

So so sweet Denise! Glad to hear she's developing and happy as a clam. Man - she's already got a full set of teeth! :) Love how she's already expressing her "independence." I am always tricking Marli into thinking she's in control since she is such a little Miss Independent already. Hope you're doing well lovely!

Sarah said...

She is too cute with all those bitty teeth! My daughter also started saying "mama" recently and it stops me in my tracks every. single. time. So sweet! I just finished up T25 and LOVED it. I think it's the perfect workout for a mom with a young kiddo because it's only 25 minutes but burns a ton of calories.

Caley-Jade Rosenberg said...

She is so ADORABLE! x

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