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Monday, October 1, 2012

this past weekend was super fun for me and sweet hubby.  we had separate fun though.  his fun consisted of college buddies, golf and beer while my fun was more beachy-girl time.  it was awesome.  i spent the past few days on the beach, with sisters and moms-in-laws laughing and gabbing. the best mexican food, margaritas, wine, good movies and lots of laughs.  ahhh. why did it have to end?  i brought my oh-so-cool new camera but didn't take it out of the bag.  so i had to rely on my trusty Iphone for the memories made.  but still.  memories are memories and for that i am thankful.  happy monday.

so blessed to have these lovely ladies in my life.
how adorable is this little print?  love.
love this view.

while frolicking downtown on friday night we stumbled upon the set to my new favorite show.  revolution.  watch it.  love it.  it is filmed in my sleepy town.

when i was finally reunited with my little pup yesterday she was worn out from all the walks and love she was given from her pop pop and nana.  she's spoiled.  oh and guess what?  it's her birthday today!!  my baby is 5.  she's so grown up.  tear.

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Nicole Marie said...

oh my gosh that card is hilarious!!!

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