dallas part I

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

 so apparently i have become a little traveler here lately.  first i spent the weekend in baltimore with some sweet friends and my birthday hubby then i jetted to dallas with my best friends for a much needed girls weekend.  did i mention i hate flying?  i like to think that my travel buddies didn't notice my jumpiness or loud gasps.  i owe kristen a big hug for letting me cut off her circulation while taking off and landing.  none the less, i just got back from an amazing weekend in dallas.  we flew in thursday night and had some pj-time and wine-time.  both equally enjoyed.  and girl talk.  lots of girl talk and giddiness.  that's the thing about friends like these.  they're really more like sisters than friends.  you can be as weird, obnoxious, annoying and imperfect as possible and yet they still get giddy to see you.  that's love guys.  that's love.  after girl talk and vino we hit the hay so we could be refreshed and ready to go on friday.  after our walk to starbucks friday morning, meredith took us to a yummy lunch spot before we shopped around.  then friday night we got all gussied up, ate some to-die-for flatbreads, chowed down on some sinful chocolate treats and went out for a sweet champagne toast.  ahhh.  i will forever smile when i think about this past weekend.  and laugh.  because we are funny.  and here are some snaps from friday in d-town.

the girls

cheese and honey.  enough said.
cute bird cages above the bar


henning love said...

look at you traveling woman! sounds like you have been having a wonderful time with friends especially those who let you cut off their circulation on flights ;-)

A Brew of Blessings said...

Looks like life has been a ball lately!

alicia said...

you girls are soo gorgeous and stylish! looks like a fun group ;)

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