Happy Father's Day Daddy

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Meet George.  

Me in my VT Hokie cheerleading uniform.  Him in sweatpants.  Sounds about right.

When I was shopping for a father’s day card I ran across this one that said it better than I ever could have.  
 It read:

How do you know if a man is a hero?  Ask him if he has a daughter.

Yep.  I started tearing up too.  In Hallmark.  By myself.  That’s why I love cards.  They have the ability to write truth in a way that I never could.  That card is the one I gave to my dad yesterday since I won’t see him on Father’s Day and that card is the epitome of our relationship.  My dad is my hero. 

Growing up everyone called me a “daddy’s girl.”  For starters I thought his baby pictures were pictures of me and not him.  But more than that he was my best friend, the one I wanted to marry for so long.  The one I thought literally hung the moon.  The one that read to me every night.  The one who stayed and watched my ballet classes through the tinted windows.  The one who taught me patience and hard work.  The one that drove me – and all my friends – to school (HIGH SCHOOL) every morning.  The one that magically made my mom’s car start running with one touch.  The man that fixed my heart when it was broken.  The man that pretended to be “friends” with any of my old flames (keep your enemies closest right?).  The man that held my mom’s hand wherever we went.  The man that I could not bear to face when I had disappointed him.  The man that I could count on always.  And the man that did anything for me.  Anything.  He was and still is my hero.  Of course now I’ve got two heroes – one being my husband – but for so long he was the only man in my life who deserved my attention.  

christmas 2009

When I was little I really believed it was magic.  I thought he had superhuman powers and for the most part I still believe that – and it’s true.  But the older I get the more I see the sacrifice and the hard work that went into making all of those things magically happen.  The time and energy he spent fixing my car or cleaning the pool so that my friends could come over.  Sure he was tired sometimes, probably annoyed and he worked full-time but that never mattered.  His family was and still is his priority. 

Thank you for your sacrifice and for your unconditional love.  Thank you for always answering your phone (and never getting annoyed when I call 20 times in a row).  Thank you for showing me what a marriage should look like and what the love of a father should be.  Thank you for always being there for our family.  I love you more than words.

Love, Your Baby Girl

september 25, 2012.  i will remember this moment forever

Sorry for the poor quality but i love this one.  Yes, I am wearing a Redskin's outfit and yes I have a Christmas present bow on my head.
hubby and daddy


Cady said...

So, so sweet. I teared up reading this! What a wonderful father you must have. xo.

Mallory at Beautiful Things said...

I am almost bawling, Nise! Love your daddy so much. I would've totally ridden the bus if it wasn't for George!

Celeste said...

So incredibly sweet. Sounds like you're lucky to have such an amazing father who gave a great example of what a father and husband should be!

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