NYC: brunch at le pain quotidien

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Sooooo it just happened to be that the weekend of #lopatkafamilyvacay in NYC was also the weekend of a girls trip for 3 of my college besties!  PERFECT!  So when everyone got in town on Friday, we brunched it at a delicious dreamboat of a place.  My friend Emily is a super fabulous fashion designer in NYC so she took us to Le Pain Quotidien right across from Bryant Park.  Food was delicious.  Atmosphere was perfection (especially when you have a baby lady who hasn't slept in a few nights and decides that she must have mommy walk the cafe towards the end of brunch!) and company was - well, the best part!  We laughed and chatted together and it felt like college again.  Except we focused more on coffee than mimosas this time...  Anyway, after brunch we be-bopped over to Em's fabulous designer workplace so that was cool!  All in all it was an afternoon well-spent with sweet friends.  Love them so.  And now I get to see them all again this weekend woop woop!  Life is good.

en route to brunch

molly and margie

auntie emmie

thanks random lady who took our pic :)


Linh said...

Well that is pretty awesome everyone got to hang out together! I love it when that happens. I find that since being a mommy, I have totally neglected my friends because I can't seem to find any time and when I do, I am exhausted and just want to lay low. So, when these rare moments happen when we can all get together, it is so nice :) Glad you had a great time Denise!

Anonymous said...

most perfect timing ever!! girls time in nyc!! totally sex & the city :) :)

Jordan said...

How fun! Have a great weekend :)

Unknown said...

Looks like fun. Thanks for sharing the wonderful pics.

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