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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

how is it already wednesday?  i am still coming off a high from an amazing weekend spent with sweet friends.  and!  the last of my college roommates has said "i do!"  that's a wrap for the Woodrow House.  we are all married up!  


so between the laundry and cleaning duties that i have somehow drug out over the past 3 days, i am also prepping for another adventure.  this sunday i am headed to making things happen!  while it will be hard for me to leave my sweet baby lady again so soon, i know she is in the best of hands with her daddy.  and i am so excited for this time to focus on some things that i want to make happen - dreams that i have shared with so few.  


first of all this is also waaaaayyyy out of my comfort zone.  i know not a soul going.  and i'm rooming with an adorable wedding planner that i have never met from canada!  needless to say i'm pretty sure it will be a life-changing and awakening time and i cannot wait to meet, and be inspired by the others there.

so - i apologize for the scarce posts this week.  i am really trying to leave a clean, organized house and leave with a focused, and centered heart.  and each of those takes time.  luckily i have my Mind * Body * Soul Chart to keep me focused day-to-day.  if yall don't know what these are - check them out here and buy yourself one!.  i refer to mine every morning when I wake up, and every evening as I'm getting ready for bed.   andddddd sheila is pretty amazing. 

ok that's enough for today!  happy hump day!  and of course some pictures of my baby girls

a guilty fur-sissy after sneaking away when part of Georgia's egg

playtime is just the best.

sleepy head in the morning light.


The Girl who Loved to Write said...

Such inspiring quotes!

Sheila@TheFailteHouse said...

Denise! I don't know where to start? I am so so so proud of you for going to MTH! I can't wait to hear all about it, and see what doors open up for you :) This is so so exciting - I feel like I am going! And thank you for your sweet words on the MBS , it makes me so happy knowing you use it daily. God is good, so excited for you!!!! xo

Linh said...

Is she really sleeping in that last photo or is she playing possum? :) (That's what I say when I think Marli is alseep, but she really isn't.) :) So awesome you get to go to that event. Please let us know how it turns out...bring on the inspiration mama! Happy Hump Day Denise!

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