Georgia is 7 months old!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Last week sweet girl turned 7 months!  That sounds so grown up to me.  Like whoa she's closer to being 1 year old than she is to being a newborn.  Holy cow.  She is so much fun though.  As much as I want time to stand still, I also love watching her grow and see the world.  Each day gets better and better.  So without further ado, here is how my little pip squeak is doing!  
(side note: these pictures are getting harder and harder to take as she squirms and puts everything in her mouth!)

Weight: 18.4 pounds!  73% woop woop!  She has officially gained 10 pounds since birth!  Yay G!

Health: Healthy little pip squeak.  So thankful!

Sleep: Oh sleep.  Well these days Georgia has 5 teeth and she is cutting two more.  When those are in she will have 4 up top and 3 on the bottom!  I guess baby girl is tired of puree and wants some steak dinners!  I digress… so with all these teeth coming in, sleep has been a bit spotty.  We’ll have three or four nights in a row where she sleeps all night then two where she wakes up in pain because of her teeth.  But we’re getting through it like a champ.  Other than that, sleep is great!  She loves to sleep on her tummy now almost all of the time, and even sometimes with her toosh in the air.  Cutest babe ever.

Social: I love seeing her little personality come out.  She loves being around people and definitely recognizes people she sees often.  She still loves Kindermusik – especially when the big bongo drum comes out.  Her fur sissy is still hilarious to her and her little laugh still melts my heart.  We This past month she celebrated two of her cousin’s birthdays and went on lots of adventures to daddy’s pharmacy, lunch dates and walks with mommy.  She smiles a ton at strangers but isn’t too happy in the arms of people she doesn’t recognize.  She does this thing now where if someone else is holding her or someone tries to play with her, she stares at me almost for my approval.  It makes me so happy.  Her little personality seems like she is wide open at home, and she really loves other people and getting out and about.  But she also seems to be deep in thought when there is a lot going on.  Like she is taking in the world around her with great care and thought.  Oh I love her.

Diet: G is loooooving solids still!  She has tried sweet potatoes, carrots, spinach, broccoli, cauliflower, green beans, pears, apples, oranges, beets, squash, zucchini, bananas and avocados.  She hasn’t met anything she doesn’t like!  I have made all of her food thus far, but we are headed to NYC soon and I’m excited for her to try some of the Plum Organic Pouches!  She is still going strong on breast milk when she’s not eating solids and we do formula if we are out and about since I am only pumping.  This is our formula of choice, but G definitely prefers BM – which is sweet and hard at the same time.  Only pumping is hard ya’ll.  And takes so much time.  I’m wearing down, but am gonna keep going for a bit longer.

Clothes: G is still able to wear her 6 months clothes and 9 months.  She also still wears her 4-6 month onesies from H&M.  I have crazzzzzzzzzy sping fever though.  She has the most adorable spring outfits that I am soo excited for her to wear.  And if it were up to my mama, she would have a different outfit for every day of her life….

Baby Gear Love: We love our high chair!  We went back and forth (I was so indecisive) but we finally decided on this one and I love it.  I love that it doesn't take up room in our kitchen and I love that she can sit at the table with us while we eat.  My ergo is still a life saver and I love these beads.  I wear them all the time and G is constantly chewing on them.

Crying: She is a happy baby yay!  She starts whining when she gets super tired and when she is hungry stay out of her way.  Other than that, we are good to go!

Likes: She still loves her sissy.  So much.  She loves when it is time to eat solids.  She loves being tossed in the air and going for walks.  She loves Kindermusik and kisses from her daddy.  She loves it when her mommy dances around like a crazy person.

Dislikes: She doesn't like when it takes too long to get some milk and she doesn't like when her teef start to hurt.

Postpartum:  Feeling good and started the Tracy Anderson Metamorphosis DVD’s at home.  Here's to hoping they get me feeling better about putting on a bathing suit in a few weeks!

Milestones: In the past month she has perfected the art of sitting up.  However, I still don’t leave her because she lunges forward frequently and eats it.  We practice every day on my bed though and she is getting better at landed on her hands and knees when she lunges.  She still babbles constantly and beginning to understand more complex things on her toys – like how to open and close doors, turn pages in her books and pull triggers.  


Katie said...

she is so cute!! i hear ya on the squirming baby and how hard it is to take their pictures! addi always eats the month tag too!!

Katherine Krieg said...

such a cutie!! she looks so happy!

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