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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

gaga and me at christmas circa 1991

my 1st christmas!
Growing up, I only had a handful of Christmas mornings at my house.  Every single year my parents would pack us all up, presents and all, and head to VA so we could wake up at my Grandparents house with all of my cousins and aunts and uncles.  I have some of the best memories of sleeping on a big pallet in the dining room with my cousins, while trying to listen for Santa coming down the chimney downstairs. 

I didn’t realize what it took to get me and my sister up to VA for Christmas.  I mean, hellllooooo Santa Clause?!?  A year ago I found out my dad would drive half the 6-hour treck and meet my grandfather, who would drive half the treck as well, and give him our Santa presents, days before Christmas.  Then they would both drive home.  All to make sure that my sissy and I had Santa to wake up to on Christmas morn.

my cousin and i with my grandparents one summer

That’s dedication and love right there.  While we won’t be traveling this holiday season with G (thankfully both of our immediate families live in Wilmington!!), we will be traveling with her in the future to see my grandparents.  And we just took her on her first vacay for Matt’s 30th birthday.  So below I’ve compiled a few travel tips I have for those of you who are making a drive or flight somewhere.  My travel tips are really limited to getting to the destination.  Once, I’m there I usually find I’m stuck with wrinkled clothes that leave me looking like I just threw everything in a suitcase 5 minutes before I left!  Nothing is more frustrating, I tell ya.  Especially when I spend hours packing for my family.  Luckily, Paul Fredrick has compiled some tips on how to stay fresh and stylish while traveling – so for those tips go HERE

My simple travel tips:

Pack in categories.  I am the packer of the family.  I pack myself, my husband and now my baby.  So when I am packing I like to go in categories – that way I don’t miss anything or anyone.  I start with socks and undies usually.  And I pack those necessities for each member of the family.  Then I go to PJ’s.  Everyone’s PJ’s are packed.  Then I go to day outfits.  You get the picture.  It helps me stay organized.

Verify your packing with person you packed.  There have many a times when Matt and I have reached a destination only for him to be disappointed that I packed “that shirt” for our nice dinner, or “those shorts” to play golf in.  I try to keep tabs on what my family likes, but I’m only human.  So once I have packed everyone, I force my husband to spend 10 minutes listening and viewing what I have packed him.  That way he can make any changes he likes and everyone’s happy.

Pack and then unpack.  OK so I have a secret.  I ALWAYS over pack.  I know, I know.  Big surprise.  But one thing I can’t stand is taking more than I need.  It’s extra to carry, and extra to wash when we get home.  So once I pack – I usually revisit my packing and eliminate unnecessary items.

Travel playlist.  Matt and I looooove making playlists for trips we go on.  To be honest, we have been kiiiiiiiinda slack on that lately but I think I need to revisit it.  It makes it so much fun to listen to our mix in the car, and then years later when the same mix pops up – or a song from that list – it brings us back to whatever trip we took. 

And well – those are my simple travel/packing tips my friends.  Pretty basic so that is why I recommend you hop on over to check out these fabulous tips at Paul Fredrick!

And if you love these tips you will LOVE these dress shirts for the men in your life.  These are on my hubby's Christmas list for sure!

Happy Travels!


Anonymous said...

I thought my husband was the only one who whined about my packing, lol! He always says "you pack, you know what I like, I trust you". And then we get there and he does the same thing.
Thank you for these tips! We are driving 3.5 hours to Daniel's family in thanksgiving and staying in a hotel that night. I have to pack for a newborn and a toddler too!

Anonymous said...

we did the same thing growing up! we never had holidays at home. now i understand how much effort it takes no matter where you are!!

Unknown said...

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