Gigi turns 3! Months that is!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Georgia Grace is officially 3 months old!  We celebrated last Wednesday, October 30.  EEEEEEK.  Time is going too fast.  But with each passing day comes new adventures for my little lady and I, and I love it! 

Now a little about my growing baby lady...

G is weighing in at 13.5 lbs and I’m not positive how long she is since we haven’t been to the doctor this month.  

Health: Feeling so blessed to be able to say we have a happy and healthy baby girl.

Sleep: OK you know that amazingggg sleeper I once spoke of?  The one who slept for 10, 11 and sometimes 12 hours a night?  Yea we can’t find her anymore.  But in her defense we have changed up some things on her.  She is now solely sleeping flat.  The first few nights were a bit hairy but she adjusted to that pretty well.  But there’s more.  We also don’t swaddle her anymore.  You see about two weeks ago we would swaddle G to put her down and she would kick and scream in her bed for a solid 30 minutes until she had successfully wiggled out of the swaddle.  So then we started leaving her arms out and she was a happy baby.  Perfect we thought.  Only now, she wakes herself up 3, maybe 7 times a night.  Oh, and she’s not the best self-soother.  When I was pregnant I swore up and down I wouldn’t create bad habits.  I would follow this method and do that so that my baby would be a great sleeper.  Well let’s just say when it’s 4am and you’ve already been up 7 times that night, all bets are off.  And if you end up putting your tiny princess in bed with you, and it gets her to sleep until 8?  Well then that is a success my friend.  We’ve got some traveling coming up this weekend too, so I’m hoping to get through that and then practice some healthier habits next week – aka putting her down awake a little more and not picking her up every single time she stirs at night.  But ok side note – all you moms out there, you know when you pick up your babe – 3 am – she can barely keep her eyes open – and she buries her head in your chest and grips your shoulders with her tiniest little fingers?  And then immediately starts the deep breathing that only comes with the comfort of mommy?  Yea, that’s the best thing in the world.  I’ll take the bad sleep habits and long nights for those few precious moments.  Ya’ll agree or what?

Social: G has continued to flourish as the social butterfly that she is.  She went on her first vacation!  She went to Pinehurst to celebrate daddy and Uncle Brian’s 30th birthday!  Oh it was so much fun.  G-daddy, Uncle Tommy and Uncle Russ all made an appearance as well!  So fun.  Luckily her sleep craziness had not yet begun, so we had lots of relaxing time, walks and shopping with Aunt Sarah, and of course football.  Because when Uncle B and daddy unite – you can bet there will be fantasy football team management in the works.  Luckily we had her aunt Sarah and some wine to tune it out right G? 

Diet: Still breastfeeding thankfully.  It’s a day by day thing I’ve learned.  But as of right now, we are still going strong.

Clothes: Still wearing her 3 month outfits!  She is moving into some 6 month sleepers even though they are a little big and we are loving the cooler weather.  I mean jeggings, a tunic and long cardi?  I die.  The cuteness is almost too much.   And my best friend recently gifted her with her "first weitzmans."  Adorable I tell ya.

Baby Gear Love:  Hmmmm.  This month I’m still obsessed with my Aden and Anais swaddle blankets duh.  We still use them for everything!  We are loving our new Honest Diaper Shipments.  Not only are the diapers made with plant-based materials but they are just about the cutest patterns you could ask for.  G’s faves are the strawberry and peacock designs.  Adorbs!

Crying: Luckily she’s a pretty happy little lady.  She still doesn’t like a dirty diaper – but come on, who does?  And I’ve learned her sleepy cues and to mind them for sure.  When we get over tired at our house, everyone gets a little cranky.  So we try to avoid that at all costs.  Other than that, she’s happy as a lark!

Likes: She looooooves all of mommy’s made-up songs.  She’s been encouraging me to record my album you know.  Each song is quite the jingle if I may say so myself.  She also lights up a room when her daddy gets home.  It’s the sweetest thing.  And then he sits there and talks to her for about 30 minutes and she just babbles right back to him – mixed in with some gummy smiles and giggles.  Oh and daddy’s dance moves?  THE BEST.

Dislikes: Like I mentioned earlier, no princess likes a dirty diaper.  That has not and probably never will change.  Although I am somewhat thankful because we have only had diaper rash once in her life and I’m convinced that it is because she never sits in it wet.  We may go through 20 diapers a day, but hey – I pick my battles!

Postpartum:  Feeling good.  You know those exercise videos I mentioned at month two?  Yea still just thinking about them.  Maybe I’ll start something soon.  Just maybe.  But I finally feel like we can go and do if we need to which is a great feeling.  This mom thing?  I kinda like it. 

Milestones: She is definitely holding her head up better and she has become quite the conversationalist.  She loves to listen to you talk and just babble right back to ya.  Sometimes we talk about our day, sometimes we talk about chocolate.  It really depends.  Not sure if she will ever be a crawler though considering how much she screams during tummy time.  But again, I pick my battles.


Anonymous said...

happy 3 gigi!!!! she is soooo pretty and i want to snuggle her!!! also i am the mother of a 15 month old who still prefers to sleep on me or in my arm nook, and i get so sad thinking of the day that it's all gone! enjoy it, i say!!

Jessica said...

I swear she is getting prettier and prettier and she was already gorgeous to start with. And yeah I don't think anyone would like a dirty diaper. You just keeping doing what works!

Natalie | Mrs. Janney | said...

We lost our good sleeper at about 3 months as well. It was a sad day. And I wrestled with the idea that I was creating bad sleep habits for Henry. One day I decided to cut myself some slack. I needed sleep NOW and needed to do whatever I could to get it. So I decided to do what works and worry about breaking him of his "sleep crutches" later. A month or so later, we are working on self-soothing when we can. He is getting better about putting himself to sleep for naps and bedtime. And he has even started doing it at night a little. But we still have nights with multiple wake-ups and a lot of nursing sessions. Then the next night, he'll do great on his own.

She will figure it out when she is ready as long as you guys give her the space to do it. All that to say... DO WHAT YOU NEED TO DO TO GET SOME SLEEP NOW. We've been there with the 7 wake-ups a night... it's brutal!!

She's gorgeous. :)

Anonymous said...

DYING over these photos. She's so beautiful! XO

Katie Cook said...

What a cutie patootie!!! ahhh, love this!

TheLane said...

my heavens shes just too darling!!
your such a wonderful mommy too:) G is a lucky little lady!
x o

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