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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

had to make this one a little blurry so you couldn't see the student really, but this was what friday consisted of.

Last Friday I took my students to the NC Aquarium.  I don't talk about my work too much on here, but to fill y'all in this is my last week at my current school and even my current county.  I will be starting a new job and a new adventure next Monday!  So last Friday was like our last Hoorah - our last intense bonding session.  And let me tell you I love my kids.  More than I ever thought I would when I began teaching.  So back to the field trip.  The Aquarium.  So beautiful.  Then we stopped by the beach and let the kids run and play in the sand on the way back to school.  

Why am I telling you about my frolics with awkward middle schoolers?  Because they inspired me.  You see, I teach ESL (English as a Second Language) and every single one of the students that went on that field trip were born somewhere other than the United States - some Burma, some Yemen, some Guatemala and the list goes on.  And despite their roots in these beautiful countries, some of these students had never seen the things we saw Saturday.  The fish and the crocodiles.  I mean my kids weren't like your typical middle school group running around.  They would just stop and stare.  Stare at the huge glass glasses of fish - moving from one exhibit to the next with their jaws on the floor.  Then the beach.  Something I take for granted every single day.  Some of these kids had never seen the beach.  I remember standing and talking to the other teachers about something random and then we all noticed one our students just standing, arms spread open, staring at the sea.  It was beautiful.  The awe these kids felt was beyond words.  Their innocence, grateful hearts and wide eyes is something I hope to carry with me forever.  

I hope that I stand and look at the sea in awe every day.  I pray I teach my children to count their blessings.  I hope I teach them to be blown away my God’s miracles every chance they get.  I hope I am a little more like my students.  Students whom “learn from me” every day, but students who teach me more than they know.  So here’s to stepping back.  To allowing ourselves to be blown away.  Because look around, there is so much awe waiting to be noticed.

Happy Tuesday sweet friends!  Here are a few more pictures from my IPhone.

again - made it a little blurry.  but they sat like these forever


Esther Ann said...

Amen to that!
A charity I used to work with took inner city teenagers to the countryside for some camping and some of them didn't know that frogs actually existed in real life. They thought frogs were fictional.
Your job must be great in that you get to show them some of these beauties.

Esther x said...

that is so exciting! you sound like the kind of teacher that i would have liked to have had had i taken ESL!
i was an english major in college and took linguistics classes in college and got a chance to sit in on a middle school ESL class..there was SO much energy in that room! but i enjoyed it and have considered teaching someday!
well, i am looking forward to future posts from you!
your newest follower,

Jess said...

What a fun adventure with some really sweet kids! I taught ESL in South Korea for a year, and boy oh boy, it was a tough gig. I loved it, but it was also so challenging!

Sheila@TheFailteHouse said...

This is beautiful! I hope I too can learn to keep looking at the ocean with "new eyes" and being thankful! Can't wait to hear about your new adventure :)

Jessica said...

Beautiful reminder that inspiration is everywhere and not to take the little everyday things for granted. I'm so used to the beach too that I forget how amazing it is.

Looking forward to hearing about your new adventure!

Katie Cook said...

this is seriously lovely! i love how you truly appreciate the innocence and wonder your kids have at the natural beauties in this world:)i can't wait to skype darlin. let me know when works!! love Katie

emi said...

fun post! we are teachers through teach for america, so love seeing kids learn and experience new things! your blog is darling and we are following! xo

Svenja said...

Kids are such a pure joy to watch sometimes! They have no idea (mostly) about material things and the monetary value of things which is showing us how it works to truly appreciate. I love your post and I feel inspired right away!

Today I went to the beach with my puppy Josie -- we don't do it every day (it is a 20 min car ride) but I should remind myself to be grateful a little more often for those fantastic views.

Feeling so sorry that you have to leave your kids! An ending always means a new beginning -- and I am sure there are great pupils waiting for you already!


Helene said...

how exiting!! these pictures are great!

Kari said...

Children experience the world in such an amazing way! You sound like a wonderful teacher. I hope someday my kids will have teachers like you :)

Aspiring Kennedy said...

What a great way to end your time with your students. I know they will miss you!

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