1,000 gifts update

Friday, November 16, 2012

c/o Scott Piner Photographer 

Sooo I've been somewhat slack about transfering my 1,000 gifts list to this here blog of mine.  I have kept my list safe in my journal though, don't you worry.  I started transferring parts of it last night.  So here I will catch you up on #61-175.  For my entire list go here.  I will continue updates until I reach my 1,000!  Just a few more weeks to go!

61. Fall leaves
62. All things pumpkin
63. Halloween costumes
64. Especially Sevilla's costumes
65. Running in the rain
66. Sunrises
67. Skinny Pumpkin Latte
68. K-love
69. A friend's familiar voice
70. Remembering something funny
71. College football
72. My alma-mater
73. Target tank tops
74. Facials with Vanessa
75. A small chill on a walk
76. Chase's voice
77. Wade's laugh
78. Easton's smile
79. Matt's haircuts
80. Burning a birthday cake
81. Fresh salmon
82. Singing while driving
83. The gift to be able to exercise
84. My students' smiles
85. New opportunities
86. Closing chapters
87. Casa Nuestra Two Goats Red
88. Dallas, TX
89. Sparkle shorts
90. Late night chats with besties
91. Laughing until my belly hurts
92. Splitting your pizza with friends
93. Person of Interest
94. Beating Matt in Jeopardy
95. Losing to Matt in Jeopardy
96. An understanding husband
97. Hope for the future
98. A positive sign
99. Crying to a loved one
100. Feeling the closeness of God through a song
101. Relating to blog friends
102. Making blog friends
103. Being still
104. My small group's encouragement
105. Pregnant friends
106. My mom's selflessness
107. My dad's hero-like nature
108. Hot apple cider
109. Going to bed at 9 pm
110. Waking up at 7 am
111. Buying presents for Matt
112. Candles
113. The calming nature of a clean house
114. Girls' dinners
115. Sweet encouragement at work
116. Saying no
117. Dinner parties
118. Salted caramel anything
119. Field trips at school
120. Learning more about myself
121. Friends' birthdays
122. Singing happy birthday to friends
123. Anything thing with glitter
124. Christmas shopping
125. Wrapping paper
126. A handwritten note
127. An encouraging text
128. Pink skies
129. Birds chirping early
130. Sevilla barking at her puppy friends
131. Sevilla rolling over so the 3-year-olds can rub her belly
132. My mom's friends
133.  Another nephew on the way
134. Sweet sisters I can talk to to
135. My sister's new opportunity
136. Sevilla's haircut
137. Sevilla's Jackie-O peacoat
138. My Uggs
139.Cozy socks
140. Pajamas all day
141. Crockpots
142. Challenging blogs
143. More of Him
144. Less of me
145. High Heels
146. Rompers
147. Weasels
148. E News
149. Clean counter tops
150. Chocolate glazed donuts
151. 4 people in the back seat
152. Gingerale
153. Decorating
154. Sunshine
155. Egg and Cheese on an English Muffin
156. Cream cheese icing
157. Spinach
158. Green smoothies
159. Lunch breaks
160. Arts and crafts
161. Old friends and coffee
162. Optimistic friends
163. Matt's gray sweatpants
164. My red sweatpants
165. My vacuum
166. Engagements
167. Apple sauce
168. An entire festival of apple sauce
169. My old dance costumes
170. The fact that my mom throws away nothing
171. The fact that I inherited that trait
172. Tailgates
173. Cowboy boots
174. Beer pong at tailgates
175. Kickoff at Carter-Finley Stadium

On this beautiful Friday, what are YOU thankful for?


Katie Cook said...

Love this sweetheart! annndddd....can't wait for tomorrow. Let's do 9am my time (is that noon your time?) Does that work, or is that too late for you? LOVE! love Katie

Sara said...

Love reading all of these! I'm thankful for so many similar things, but obviously, I'm so thankful for family, friends, and the life God's blessed us with to enjoy their company. ;) Have a great weekend, love!

Nicole Marie said...

random... but uhh you have very nice arms hahah. i have a toned arm obsession and i want yours :)

ashley nicole catherine said...

i love this :) i need to start writing down what i'm grateful for... it's a great reminder. also, you look gorg in this pic! thanks for stopping by my blog! loving yours and now following along.

Sheila@TheFailteHouse said...

yay - was so happy when I saw this list. Do you hand write it in your journal too? I think I need to start doing that as well. I just got some cowboy boots a few months ago, and might need to add them to the "list" :)

BaublesandCocktails said...

Love this list! Perfect way to get into the Thanksgiving mindset!

Jyndia said...

Cool list! Love the idea!! Your blog is lovely! New follower!

Lauren @ Style Elixir said...

This is such a wonderful idea! Such a fabulous list of things!! I look forward to seeing them all :) Gorgeous photo too!


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