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Friday, November 30, 2012


I saw this list on Pinterest and loved it.  I’ve read it every day, a few times a day since I pinned it.  It is so true.  I started a new job this week so things have been a bit crazy around here.  I moved counties and went from being an ESL Teacher to a Migrant Teacher (subtle but also drastic change).  And so I’ve been thinking about success a lot lately.  Is this new job success?  Where do I see myself career-wise in 10 years?  Do I want to be a working mama?  Do I want to work in education forever?  My new co-worker was telling me about her daughter who happens to me my age.  She said her daughter wasn’t concerned with a career right now but more concerned with making a family and finding something she can do part-time.  And so immediately (3 days in to my new job) – I’m thinkin “Crap!  Maybe I should be doin that too.”  Shoot I don’t want to work full-time either!  But then I calmed down…

New beginnings tend to do that to me.  Cause me to go all reflective.  Makes me think about the future and where I see my life going.  And although I did envy my co-worker’s daughter a bit – everyone chooses their own path.  Their own way.  And the key word in that sentence boys and girls is CHOOSE.  I chose this new job (well after they chose me, but you get the picture).  I chose to go back to school and get my Masters in Teaching.  I chose to pursue a career where I could utilize the most beautiful language in my mind – Spanish.  I chose all of these things and because of those decisions this is where I am now.  Just like my friend’s daughter chose to work part-time.  Neither decision is right or wrong, but both are right for the individual and one way or another they are choices.  Purposeful choices. 

But I haven’t been just thinking about success in my career.  Also success in life.  What does that look like to me?  What does a successful life look like to anyone?  I look around at my closest friends and I’d say we are all successful in life.  We are all in different places in our lives, yes – but all successful nonetheless.  Lara Casey inspires me all the time with her hard work and “make things happen” attitude.    And I believe her faith can move mountains.  And she is on to something big people. 
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I think what I’ve learned this week in the midst of the anxiety that came with starting a new job – that whatever you are doing – whether it’s a right now job or a career path, or planning your wedding, or enjoying singleness, do it with purpose.  Be purposeful about your life.  Be intentional about the decisions you make but make them.  Don’t wait around for life to knock at your door with a silver platter.  It ain't gonna happen.  So make decisions.  And chose what matters.  Choose relationships over stuff, choose happiness over money, and choose yourself over always pleasing everyone else.  God created you just the way you are for a purpose.  And that purpose is not served unless you are purposeful seeking it out.  So go on… make things happen people! 

PS – Word on the street is that the annual Make Things Happen tour is coming to RALEIGH, NC next year!  WOOP WOOP!!!!!!  #pleasesayitstrue Lara, Emily and Gina!


Mallory Russell, Sheila Sheridan, Genna Newman and Miranda Arthur

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Esther Ann said...

Mann, that's so true.
Feeling challenged.

Esther x

Jena Roach said...

Love this! So true.

Elle said...

I love this! I just wrote today about how I am ready for some change.I want to be purposeful and to choose relationships over everything else. I want to get back to where relationships matter most. Thanks for this.

Kari said...

I read this post just as I woke up this morning, and it made me reflect all day long on being purposeful. Thank you for sharing this friend!

k8te said...

love this! i've been feeling the same way lately. i have a steady job with a good company, but is it my dream job? no. and i want to start a family in the next year or so, and have thought the same thing about working full time. i don't think there's a way we could swing me staying home though. i wish!

exciting about the MTH tour!! lucky!

Lauren @ Style Elixir said...

Hi Denise!

I adore your blog and just wanted to let you know I have nominated you for the Liebster Award! Your blog is fabulous and I really think you deserve it! Here are all the details ...

Lauren x

anna lizbeth said...

love this list!!

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