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Friday, July 6, 2012


I  have been so selfish this week and have completely soaked up the sun and lost track of reality.  I kind of felt bad when I looked at my untouched to-do list this morning.  But after all, isn't that the point of going to the beach?  When I was little the point was to build sand mansions and castles where my prince and princess lived.  Then I got a little older and the reason for the ocean was to ride on my dad's shoulders through  the waves because he's not afraid of anything.  I aged some more into my teens and the purpose for a beach outing was solely sunning.  I needed to be as bronze (aka burnt) as possible with no tan lines.  Now I'm 26 and a lot of that has changed.  I'm a sun psycho and wear SPF 110 on my face plus a hat.  The water scares me a bit more now that I am old enough to read about those rare shark attacks.  And the "to do" of the beach is more real as I have to find parking, pay for parking and haul all of my chairs and towels to the sand.  But still the beach is a place of peace.  Despite my changing views of the beach - and life really - the ocean offers hope.  The ocean offers a place to forget about everything else.  There is no to-do list or schedule of activities.  It is the one place on earth where you can truly just be.  So back I go, to my chair at the water's edge.  I vow to myself to be more productive next week, knock off more of those little tasks that never seem to get done.  Oh and I promise Antigua updates next week too :)  At least I know I'll keep one of those.  Happy Weekend and go get you some Vitamin D!

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