Antigua Part II

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

During our vacay, Matt and I rarely ventured off of our resort.  We had everything we needed right there… and isn’t that the point of a vacation – to RELAX?  So that’s what we did.  All day – every day.  However, there were two instances where we were feeling feisty and decided to go explore away from our compound.  One of those days was our hike to an old fort.  We woke up earlier than usual (don’t worry it was still after 8), ate a delicious breakfast (duh) and met our group for the morning hike.  We walked through a little town where we saw wild animals, school children and the cutest and brightest houses you can imagine.  And when we finally got to our destination – the top of a fort used by the British to fight off the French (who were unsuccessful for awhile) – we were speechless.  For one we were tired, it was hot and the hike was long.  But the view of the island and the sea were absolutely stunning.  Words cannot describe how I felt on top of that mountain.  Everywhere you looked you saw the Caribbean Sea.  It was as if God was saying, “Take a deep breath and enjoy the view… oh and you’re welcome.”  Then we hiked back, were greeted with some fresh coconut water and decided to relax by the pool.  Ah, can I go back yet?  I love these following pictures from that day and I hope you do too....

my cow friend at the beginning of our hike
my donkey friend mid-hike

old beach huts
the fort that was our destination
halfway up the mountain
the stairs leading to the top of the old fort
the view from the top

my other cow friend
yummy coconut water
relaxing by the pool after the hike
watching the sunset


Jessie said...

Denise, you look adorable! This makes me want a vaycay so bad!

Meredith said...

So gorgeous! I want a coconut water right now!

Amanda English said...

Found you through FTAT! Congrats on the win! Love your blog! New follower!!! xoxo A-

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