Antigua Part I

Monday, July 9, 2012

One of the things I miss the most about Antigua is breakfast. First of all I love breakfast food.  Growing up we would have breakfast for dinner at least once a week and I can kill some scrambled eggs with cheese and French toast.  So in Antigua we woke up every morning around 9:30 (we were so lazy) with just enough time to throw on our bathingsuits and stumble to breakfast before the 10 am close.  The first few mornings I stuck with fresh fruit, scrambled eggs and a croissant or two - oh and the coffee.  The coffee was simply divine at that place.  But about mid-week I discovered the French toast and Matt discovered the crepes. It was over after that.  And did I mention we sat on the ocean while we ate?  We were way too spoiled.

But aside from the to-die-for nom noms in Antigua I also miss breakfast time talks.  I miss looking at my husband, a million miles away from the world, and making plans for the day.  I miss that the only decisions we had to make were when to check out the tennis courts and if we wanted to sail in the morning or afternoon.  The simplicity of life on vacation is magical.  After we made our plans for the day we would usually people-watch for a bit.  Relishing the accents of the British couple to our left and trying so desperately to listen to the Italians to our right.  It was fascinating meeting all of these couples from around the world and breakfast was our chance to watch and smile.  However, most of all I miss our chats.  It seemed like breakfast was our chance to solve the problems of the world. Matt and I would get lost in conversation about politics, food, travel, music and our faith.  It is those deep conversations that I miss the most.  This is not to say that we do not have serious and meaningful conversations at home.  That’s not the case at all.  But it was so nice to be away from everything– from everyone really – and just listen and talk.

We have tried to do that more often on the weekends since being back.  Share breakfast together and just chat.  Put the phones away, turn the TV off and get lost in one another’s eyes and voice.  It’s almost like I can smell the Caribbean Sea again…. Well not really but hearing my husband talk is sometimes just as good J

With that here are some pictures….

there were sea turtles nesting everywhere on the resort

the view from our balcony

our sailing vessel


Genna said...

Couldn't agree more about the simplicity of vacation being magical. It's so serene and special! And the freedom of not having to worry about anything is impossible to describe.

angie said...

Yay I love breakfast too! My favourite time of day :) this place looks divine by the way!

Nicole Marie said...


Unknown said...

Absolutely beautiful pictures!! Looks amazing!! :)

Katie Cook said...

seriously beautiful! I wish we didn't live so far from the Caribbean...Kev and I have our eyes set on sailing around these magical islands soon. thanks for sharing the beauty of antigua! LOVE it!

Robin said...

ahhhh this trip looks amazing! So glad you had fun!!

Giovanna said...

Great photos! Looks like such a fun trip!


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