Antigua Part III Finale

Thursday, July 26, 2012

To close out my Antigua posts, here are some final pictures.  Some are from our trip in town and others at the resort.  All were taken with my IPhone and all represent forever memories.  Enjoy!
I beat up on the hubs in some games of pool.

Giorgio Armani's house beside our resort

afternoon tea by the water

i was in love with all the different colored doors in St. John's


Genna said...

Wow! All of this is beautiful. We're in the process of looking for honeymoon locations so this may be in the running now :)

Meredith said...

That water! I want to go!

Giovanna said...

Great photos!! It's so beautiful there!


Anonymous said...

I want to just dive into the Afternoon Tea by the Water pic and the one just below that showing the gorgeous blue water...looks so lovely and relaxing!

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