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Friday, September 5, 2014

being a mama is hard sometimes.  there's puke everywhere, you usually have a messy house, you're always always late, dinner is never ready on time, your tummy is soft and your hair full of grease.  at least that's how it is most of the time around my house.  but i've come to find the hard mess the most beautiful thing.  matt has been a big help in this.  he makes sure i know he finds me even more beautiful than before.  he tells me he loves our messy house way better than our perfectly straight house.  and that means the world.  one of my favorite boards on my pinterest page is this one.  most of these photos don't show the mess, but they do show the small moments in between the mess.  dancing around the kitchen, holding tight to mama's sleep (probably after she just cleaned up puke), sleepy cuddles.  they make my heart happy. i just love seeing mama's and babies and their different style and way-of-life.  which is why i've also fallen in love with the grace tales.  and before i was a mama i loved being an aunt and a teacher.  these women in these photos may not even me mamas.  they could just be women in a young babe's life that loves them dearly.  and i love that.  so cheers to special women and the role they play in a child's life.  and a special shout out to our teachers as they go back to school!  your influence in our child's life is immense and i am forever grateful.

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