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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

life around here as been fun!  like really fun.  full of laughter, walks in 70 degree weather!, girls' nights, american idol voting, and kitchen dance parties.  just a few of my favorite things.  and!  my mama is back from her cruise.  aka we can resume our multiple daily convos (I do NOT like not talking to my mama!).  so life is good.  and!  and!  we are planning a trip to NYC with the little baby lady!  eeeeeeeeeek.  so excited.  and petrified that someone on the plane is going to hate me :)  

needing any tips/links for traveling with a baby please!!!!!!  and any restaurant ideas that are baby friendly!


Ashley Brickner said...

Bring snacks, lots of snacks!!! ;)

Linh said...

Ohh fun! I took Marli on her very first plane trip when she was 6 months and I was so scared. Thank goodness I had my dad and brother there to help. Definitely a few toys, snacks, and her bottle. Give her the bottle during takeoff/landing because it helps with the ear popping. I put Marli to sleep during her trip back because she wouldn't sit still. It was a full flight so there was no way I was going to walk up and down the aisle with her the entire 3 hrs. (We did this going to Cali and it was fun because there were less people.) I took her to the bathroom and rocked her to sleep...took about 10 minutes and she slept the entire way back. If you guys haven't booked your flights, I would recommend getting the red eye so baby can sleep. I know it helped my friend out a lot. Requesting an aisle seat will be very helpful too. Hope that helps doll!

Natalie | Mrs. Janney | said...

Oh man she is SO CUTE!! I jealous of the 70 degree weather. :)

I HATE it when my parents are gone and I can't talk to my mom all the time. I honestly dread their vacations for like a month before they actually leave.

Here's the best baby travelling advice I have seen:


I especially like the advice to use either juice or some sugar water to get the baby to swallow during take-off or landing. I have tried to time nursing, but it doesn't always work out. And I think putting a little juice on the tongue would be a good trick.

Anonymous said...

precious princess!! and WHAT nyc! i am jeal. i mean... m has been begging to go to nyc for forever ;) ;) also, on the plane! snacks! snacks and snacks. i think m's first plane ride was almost a year ago now, and she loved it and has loved it ever since. i nursed a heck ton if i needed to, and she would either fall asleep or gnaw on mum-mums and flirt with strangers!

Anonymous said...

When Emma was 14 months we took a two hour flight to Nor.Cal. Since she was too old to nap often we planned our flights very specifically. We flew at night on the way there, leaving after 8pm. My plan was to nurse her to sleep on the plane but I wore her in the Ergo through the airport and she passed out in it :)
They say you have to take your babies out of those but I had a jacket on which covered the back and a blanket over her so it just looked like I was holding her!
She slept the whole way.

On our way back we flew during her big nap time and she was awake for the first thirty minutes just enjoying the window view, but then she nursed herself down for a nap and slept until we landed.
Oh, and another tip. Pick a window seat. I sat by the window and Daniel sat on the aisle seat. Anyone who eyed the seat while boarding the plane saw a baby and kept right on walkin' so we got the entire row! :) Pre-boarding rocked.

Anonymous said...

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