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Thursday, February 27, 2014

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plain and simple.  and this week, in the midst the busyness of life and "getting things done" i am choosing the important stuff.  like kindermusik with G, sushi with matt and a cozy quiet time by my fire.  

i have been reviewing my power sheets these past few days and frankly, this month i did not get done what i wanted to.  but i'm using it as fuel for next month and choosing grace over perfection.

it's almost fridayyyyyyyy


Jessica said...

Yay cannot wait for the weekend! And I would really, really love some sushi! Glad you are getting to enjoy your family- that really is the most important thing!

Linh said...

Well said! What are power sheets? Whatever they are, I want some too :) This week has been a complete derailment of what I had planned for the week. Baby was teething and holy moly that was a tough few days. Now, I'm just exhausted and all I want to do is have a king size twix bar (or 2) and call it a day. Thank God the weekend is almost here. Oh wait, motherhood doesn't get weekends off either. haha Well, at least I won't be at work and can have a mimosa while playing catch up. Have a great day doll!

Unknown said...

Amen sister!!! Yes- standard of grace, not perfection :) Just prayed your next month will be filled with wonderful adventures, lots of love, and more of what matters most! xox

Sheila@TheFailteHouse said...

Amen! I am doing the same thing :) xo

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