Georgia's 6 month post! YAYY

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Last Thursday, little Miss turned 6 months!  Half a year!  I can't believe it.  We celebrated with cuddles, kisses, a longer bath time and carrots for dinner!  Here's a little more about my 6 month old baby lady...

Weight: G is weighing about 17 pounds 6 ounces!  She high 60 and low 70th percentile! 

Health: Thankful for a healthy baby girl.  So thankful. 

Sleep: Hey hey hey!!!  Sleep has come to our house to stay (I hope!)!  We “sleep trained” G for about a week and honestly, Matt and I were wondering if it would ever work.  We kept giving it and ugh it was just hard.  Until one night, we decided to wait 15 minutes before going into her room at all – and we did they every time she woke up – and viola!  She fell back asleep each time before the 15 minutes was up!  And slept until 6am!!!!!!!!  Now she “sleeps” consistently until 6 am every night, wakes up to eat and goes back down until 7 or 8.  I put sleeps in quotation marks because I highly doubt any baby truly sleeps that long, we hear G stirring maybe twice a night, but she doesn’t cry and goes right back to sleep.  Mission accomplished.  I’m beginning to feel like a human again.

Social: Still loves people.  Still a little ham.  We kinda of took it easy this month – with the snow – and the rush of Christmas coming to a close, we stayed in a lot and hibernated.  But she has quite the social calendar planned for February so mommy will try to keep up.  I read this post by the lovely Chantel and it reminded me so much of G.  Even at such a young age, she thrives around people.  Sometimes that is hard for me, because well, I’m a HUGE homebody.  I like to stay in my PJ’s all day and hang out by myself.  In fact, I LOVE IT.  But I’m trying to give G the social interaction that she seems to crave and even need.  So here we go February!  Play dates, Kindermusik and parties!  Woop woop!

Diet: G started solids!  YAYYYYYYYYYYY  She’s still mostly on breast milk, but we started her with two solid meals a day.  I’m planning on moving to three in about a month.  So far she has tried sweet potatos, carrots, bananas, pears, green beans, avocado and broccoli.  Her favorites are definitely the sweet potatos, pears and avocados.  She’s doing so well with them! More about her first foods here.

Clothes: G is wearing anything from 6 months to 9 months, but I’ve ordered her 12 months for the spring/summer (helllllllo smocked baby dolls).  Oh and I ordered us matching outfits.  Yes.  I’m going to be that obnoxious and dorky mom.  I’m totally matching my baby.  G also has the cutest Lilly bathing suit for the summer and word on the street is there is a matching bikini for mom… if I can get my hands on it you better believe we will be matching at the beach too.  My dreams are coming true my friends.

Baby Gear Love: Bumbo we love you.  Also those snazzy spoons that turn white if the food is too hot.  Those are amaze as well!  This is my favorite bib right now.  It’s just so soft and covers all angles, which is key these days.    

Crying: Her cries these day actually make me laugh.  She sounds like a baby dinosaur – probably a pterodactyl.  It’s more of a squeal.  And it comes out when she’s over-tired or hungry.  It’s really cute, even for crying....

Likes: She is starting to love her stuffed friends.  And that makes me smile.  She loves a good cuddle, and her daddy’s voice when he’s singing her to sleep.  She’s also in love with this musical thing – which Matt and I actually gave to my nephew 5 years ago for his first Christmas, so it’s kinda fun that G is now obsessed.  And you can take the legs off to use it on the floor.  She also loves the piano and the mirror.  And of course when mommy daces around like River Dance and acts cray.  That’s pretty funny too.  OH and her sissy!  Her fur sissy of course.  She just walks by and G starts cracking up.  I kinda love it.  Also, Sevilla is slowly starting to take a liking to her human sissy.  Sevilla sleeps with us every night and she ALWAYS sleeps on Matt’s side (honestly, I’m pretty sure she likes him more).  Well the baby monitor is on my side and the past two nights, Sevilla has slept on MY side, not at the foot of the bed like normal, but at the head of the bed with her little head resting right beside the monitor.  I’m convinced it’s because she wants to keep an eye on her sissy. 

Dislikes: She enjoys her nap time and her milk.  Mess with those and we may have a problem.

Postpartum:  Finally started exercising!  Woop!  I’m just doing some home workout videos a few times a week, but hey – it’s something!

Milestones: She’s still a rolly polly, and she is sitting up now too!  I don’t leave her along while sitting up because sometimes she gets over-excited and will lunge at something behind her and topple over.  But way to go baby G!  She’s started putting her toosh in the air when on her tummy now and I’m wondering if this is the first sign of crawling?  Hmmmm…  Also, she has teef!  Two precious baby teef!  Andddd she eats food now, which I’ve already discussed.  Holy cow sweet babe, slow down!  


choose to be happy blog said...

cutest little babe!! definitely a girly girl (which i personally think is the best way to be ;) love her little face, and gorgeous eyes. and that pink chair! i die. do they make one in my size???

Caitlin said...

Happy 6 months!

Unknown said...

6 months! Love seeing her sweet little face in these photos. She is seriously so happy and adorable! Looks like she loves the camera :) So glad she and you are doing so well! And glad she is sleeping, yay for sleep!!!

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