Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Today I'm excited to tell ya about a giveaway in honor of sweet Leanne's blog!  It's her one year blog anniversary so hop on over to enter or enter below, but either way check out her adorable blog!  

Hey guys!  I'm Leanne, from Being Jane.  This has been an amazing, fun year! I started blogging because I was lonely, honestly. I was in the middle of starting an Etsy business and I got involved with some social media outlets and noticed a lot of people also blogged. The idea of building a community of friends like me got me so excited I couldn't wait to get going! I was very impatient and wanted everything to flourish right away. 
 My first blogging name was the name of my business, "Top This by Leanne". That name gained a lot of followers and I had a wonderful time interacting with all of you! I got so sick with my pregnancy in 2013 that I took a break until I could focus on my blog more. When I came back after a couple of months I had decided not to continue my crocheting business because I just didn't have the time. Between school, work, motherhood, wifeyhood, and being a human being, there wasn't time to work on lengthy projects. I could barely write a blog post! I then decided that since my business was no longer, I should change my blog name so that it had a meaning. I went with "Sock Monkey Momma". Initially I adored it and thought it encompassed everything I was and wrote about. 
As time went on I realized it didn't have the class that I wanted to emanate from my blog. It didn't sound versatile enough to last me years and years, and to reach a variety of people like I intended to. Yes, I am a mother, but I hope to be even more than that in my daily life and blog voice. 
Hence, "Being Jane" was born. I think I am happy now! I have a huge passion for Jane Austen novels/films and thoroughly enjoy any book or movie from that time period. I mean, my girls are named Emma Jane and Audrey Elizabeth. Just last week I noticed that their middle names are the two eldest daughters in Pride and Prejudice, and they have their coloring! This was done partially on purpose, but I didn't have any control over their coloring ;)

I hope you'll take a moment to look back on some of my favorite posts from this year!

Now please celebrate with me and enter my "One Year Blogoversary" giveaway below!
     I am SO excited to be able to team up with some great bloggy friends and bring the opportunity to win a $50 Starbucks gift card!! I mean, you can NEVER have too much Starbucks. Good luck!
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Robin said...

Well you can of course never have enough giveaways, so i'd love to see those!

John said...

Having been consistent with your commitment to blogging for one year is a huge achievement in the blogging world. Congratulations! There may be lots of challenges that hindered you from keeping your online business, but I’m glad that you managed to come back and keep your business rolling. Overall, this is an amazing journey and thanks for sharing it with us!

John, Business Coach San Diego

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