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Friday, January 3, 2014

2014.  I can't believe it's here!  I love a new year just as much as the rest of em.  A blank slate.  New beginnings.  A fresh start.  It's all so refreshing and filled with so much hope.  Hope can move mountains I tell ya.

This year I'm really taking the time to set goals.  Make priorities.  Evaluate my life, the things in it, the relationships and the "stuff" that fill my day-to-day.  I'm weeding out that stuff that doesn't matter and making more room and more time for the things and the people that do.  I'm working my way through Lara Casey's Goal Setting Series as well as her Power Sheets for 2014.  I'm praying about things I want to change and see in the new year.  I'm getting real with God.  Pouring out my imperfect heart full of yucky stuff that I hate to admit, so that He can wipe it clean and really use it.  Use me.  

I am no where near finished with the goal setting stuff (I'm only on part 2!) but I will leave you with my progress so far.  It's somewhat of an overview, and as the weeks go on in January I am going to walk you (and me) through my individual goals.  If nothing else, I hope to gain some accountability and encourage you in some way!

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First and foremost in 2014, I need more Jesus. And if that is all I accomplish in the next 365 days, than it will have been a successful year that's for sure.  I have picked my word for 2014 and it is SIMPLIFY.  That word has been laid on my heart for so many reasons.  This year I hope to work through my life and simplify every aspect of it.  Ultimately, I don't need a bunch of "stuff" or a bunch of "to do's."  I need a simple life with the ones I love most, impacting others in whatever way I can.  So all of my goals in some way are an effort to simplify.

best friend and my baby

I've also started my 2014 Inspiration Board on Pinterest.  You can follow it HERE!  Do y'all have one?  Leave the link in a comment - I would LOVE to follow you!

Have any of y'all chosen a word?  Made any goals?

PS - Is it bad I only made it 'til 11pm on NYE?  I tried, I really did.  And does it count that I was up at 3 am with my babe?  I mean that counts as ringing in the New Year right?!  Oh how things have changed... :)


Ashley Brickner said...

3 AM totally counts, haha!!! Happy new year!


malloryhrussell said...

Love this Nise! You've inspired me to get started on my goal setting. If we simply have more Jesus, 2014 will matter ... A whole lot. I love you!!!!

The Girl who Loved to Write said...

Love this! More Jesus. Absolutely.

Katie Cook said...

This is THE BEST GOAL EVER!!! Love you lady:) Happy 2014!!!!

Anonymous said...

Daniel fell asleep while putting Emma to bed at 10pm (she had a horrifically late nap that day!) and missed the ball drop. My sister and brother-in-law and I watched it on mute in the front room of their hotel suite and cheered silently with some champagne. ;)
By the way, simplify is my word too!

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