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Monday, December 9, 2013

my celebratory birthday/engagement dinner the next night!

4 years ago today I was celebrating my last day as a 23 year old.  I was currently in the midst of getting my masters and had a majorrrrrrrrrr exam the next day (on my birthday!  How could they?!?!).  I was nannying for the sweetest baby boy all day (it was a Wednesday) and I wore my comfiest, non-cutest outfit to play with said babe and study all day.  Then around 6pm I headed back to my wee little one bedroom apartment.  My boyfriend at the time was going to bring me dinner because he knew I had a long day and still needed to study so when I got home you can imagine my surprise when he was already there!  AND he had cleaned my apartment top to bottom (cleaning could possibly my love language)!  AND! AND he had made my fave dinner ever – seared tuna, spinach salad, some sort of carb.  So sweet!  He said he wanted to do something sweet since I had an exam on my birthday.  Sigh.  He’s the best.   But before dinner he said wait!  You must open your birthday cards since tomorrow you will be in study and test mode all day.  You don’t have to twist my arm or anything, because I’m a HUGE card fan.  I usually get everyone 2-3 cards per special occasion.  No one says it quite like Hallmark if you as me.  I digress.  So I opened the first card and alas!  It sent me on a scavenger hunt around my 5x5 apartment to yet another card, and then yet another!  When finally I found my last car (it was the sappiest of them all – obviously I ate it up) and as I neared the bottom of the card I was instructed to close my eyes for my birthday surprise!  When I looked up, said boyfriend was down on one knee holding a sparkler for my little ring finger.  The rest is kinda a blur but I SAID YES!  Even in my non-cuteness outfit and delirious study stooper, I was the happiest of happiest girls.  The rest of the evening was spent staring at my ring finger and calling important people.  No more studying for me. 

So yay!  So glad that tall, handsome man asked me to marry him.  And so glad we did get married.  And then we had a baby.  And that’s been the best decision we ever made.  So this year, I am soooo excited to celebrate with my wee family of 3 (ok 4 including Sevilla).  Because as if I thought my birthweek could not get any better than that week 4 years ago, every year proves me wrong. 

Thankful for my people.


Unknown said...

awed that's such a sweet story, I never knew your engagement was on your birthday! how sweet!!

enjoy your week sweet friend!! Enjoy all your birthday celebrations, you deserve it!!

Unknown said...
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Katie Cook said...

Happy birthday BEAUTIFUL lady! love you xxoo katie

Laura Rahel said...

Happy Birthday! What a sweet proposal!

Jessica said...

This was super cute. Glad you shared. Happy Birthday week!

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