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Monday, April 16, 2012

                At church yesterday my pastor began his sermon by pointing out that one of the things in our fast-paced lives we most crave from others is attention.  Between Twitter, Facebook, the instant updates and 24/7 streaming there are a million things pining for our attention at all times.  Just check out your to-do lists… mine are humongous and constantly growing.  I’m a multi-tasker like you’ve never seen.  I can talk to a friend, make dinner, do the laundry and walk my dog all at the same time.  I know right – I’m good. But is that really good?  Am I truly present when I am doing any of this?  Or am I just marching through the day and then poof – it’s over.  Sure at times I need the multi-tasking – I need my head to be processing 5 things at once.  But then there are other times, like dinner with my husband, or a phone call with my mom, that require my undivided attention.  They require that I step away from technology – from the world – and just be present.  Present with them, present for them and for me.  I sometimes get frustrated with my hubby when I want to have a serious conversation and the T.V.’s on (disclaimer: I consider any conversation I have with my husband serious, even if it’s about what I should wear to a part tomorrow night… another something I’m working on).  I know he’s not really watching the T.V., and I know he is listening to everything I say, but that’s not enough sometimes.  I need to feel like I’m the only thing in the room – the only thing in the world – that has his attention at that very moment.  So this week as I head off to the mundaneness that some Mondays can bring, I will freely give my attention to the people in my life.  Whether it’s a co-worker that needs me to stop and listen to a worry or trouble, or to my dad talking about his Monday night racquetball jaunts.  I am grateful for their attention and I will give them mine…

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Mallory at Beautiful Things said...

Love this post, Nisey. You really are a multi-tasker like no other ... in a good way! Even when you're walking Sevilla you can still carry on a great convo. Me on the other hand ... good thing when I tell you I'm at the grocery you're gracious enough to say, "ok mallie, time to get off the phone!" Because you know I'll still be walking around in circles 45 minutes later if I don't. ;)

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