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Monday, April 9, 2012

Good Morning Monday. 
I wasn't ready for you.  Not at all.  Yesterday when I was making my lunch for you it was as if you were standing in the kitchen laughing at me.  You made me sad yesterday.  I had a whole week of relaxation, family time, fun to-do lists and me time and now you're here to take it all away.  At least that's what I thought yesterday....

Yesterday I woke up at 6:30 to make it to our church's sunrise service in one of the most beautiful places in Wilmington - in the world really - Airlie Gardens.  I rolled out of bed and in 10 minutes I had managed my contacts, teeth brushing and finding my husband's biggest fleece to bundle up with.  I didn't feel like going but knew I had no choice.  Then I got there.  And it was breathtaking.  The trees, the sounds, the smiles all around me.  The sun rising; slowly casting shadows on the Azaleas and Oak trees.  All I could think was, "I want some more of this."  Sure I've been to that place hundreds of times, sometimes for church, sometimes for cocktails and music.  But it was as if I had missed the stillness of this place.  The stillness of the morning.  And I had - I missed the sunrise.  I get up before the sun every morning Monday through Friday but I'm not able to take it in.  I'm rushing around with my eyes half-closed.  But Sunrise, I vow to find you more often.  I vow to take a few extra minutes some mornings and just sit, thankful for you and thankful that God shares you with me.

There's more though... it's not just the beauty of the sunrise that I missed, it's the hope that it represents.  Yesterday on facebook my friends had posted lots of "Happy Easters" and encouraging bible verses but one of my best friends said this "I love Easter... such a beautiful reminder of new beginnings!"  And I thought to myself, "Yes Anna Banna you're right.  That's it."  And that's what our sunrise tells us too.  With every sunrise we are given a clean slate.  A new opportunity.  Grace.  A new beginning.  I believe that it why it's so astonishing - because the magnitude of what it represents is epic.  It's life-changing and it's real. 

So Monday, my thoughts have turned and I'm ready for you
Though you bring 6 am alarms and to-do lists that are not as fun, I am grateful for the new beginning that comes with you.  And Sunrise, I vow to try and visit as much as I can and am humbled by the promise of hope you bring.  So here it is - with a renewed mind and the hope of a sunrise, I will go. 
Happy Monday! xox

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