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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Meet my mom – Linda.  I was planning to save my mom introduction for the upcoming Mother’s Day festivities but life happened and it feels right to post it now.  Partly because of a conversation I had with her yesterday but mostly because each day I pray that I am a little more like her.  So anyway – my mom.  She’s the most beautiful woman I’ve ever met and as I grow older, she continually amazes me – blows me away really.  Her grace and selflessness truly leave me in awe.  As I get older the lessons I take from my mom became more frequent and cut deeper and deeper, but three things that stand out as of late are her selflessness, integrity and forgiveness.
My mom is without a doubt, the most selfless person I know – sometimes too much in my opinion, but she’s also stubborn so don’t try to tell her thatJ.  She’d do anything for me, my dad, my hubby, sister, my friends, their dogs and third cousins.  Yep, if they mean something to you – they mean something to her.  Everything she does is for the good of others.  Her unconditional love is unwavering and it challenges me as a woman.  And it’s not even about what she does for others - and believe me she does a lot - it’s why she does it and how she does it.  She never expects anything in return.  She doesn’t do things for recognition or praise, she does it out of love – unconditional, undying love. 
It is this love that makes her such a good forgiver.  Something that I am not as good at.  There have been plenty of times when my sister and I have flaunted our bratty ways, said something hurtful or taken advantage of her.  But everytime it’s as if we’ve done no wrong.  She accepts our apologies and moves on – really moves on.  She could hold a lot of grudges too.  There have been plenty of people who have lied, cheated and stolen from her in attempt to leave her in the dust.  But trust me, she takes no pity, erases their wrongs and believes with all her might that people are genuinely good.  And that is something truly remarkable.
Last my mother has developed a grace and integrity that can only come from unconditional love and a forgiving heart.  She does not let others determine her happiness.  She has the ability to look at a situation and chose her reaction based on her morals, principles and conviction and not by the surroundings or others.  No matter how someone or something may make her feel, she rises above the mess with a smile.  Kill em with kindness some may say – but my mom – she says love em with kindness.  And that’s exactly what she does.
So thank you mom.  Thank you for listening to me complain and worry about something so small but giving me the advice I pray I can give my daughter.  Thank you for reminding me of my blessings, keeping me grounded and always being my number one fan.  Even though, looking back, I know I wasn’t always right or good, you believed in me.  You challenged me.  And you still do.  And now you’re right down the street….. love you

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