Monday, March 19, 2012

weekend round-up

Ahh Monday.  Is it here already?  As always my weekends are never quite long enough.  Filled with date night, birthday bashes and lots of Wolfpack victories, I'd say I had a pretty dag on GREAT weekend.  So here it is:

Friday, not only did my NCSU boys get a win over San Diego State, but hubby and I got to have date night at one of our favorite spots too!  Double whammy.  Here's a picture of the view from our table . . . sunset bliss.

sunset from our table at Bluewater Grill

Saturday morning my mom and I got to spend some QT shopping and eating – both of which we are considered experts.  Later that afternoon, Matt and I hopped over to his parent’s house to pick up our Corn Hole Boards (yee haw) and see them off to Hilton Head for the week.  Saturday night I had the privilege of eating the best sushi in Wilmington with 6 lovely ladies - all in honor of this gal's birthday.  Love you Kristen!

the birthday girl drinking her champagne sent to the table by our sweet friend Mallory :)

all the girls at Bento Box

Sunday began with lots of sleeping and spending the day at my parent's house. Oh - and watching the Wolfpack pull out yet ANOTHER big win. Sweet 16 here we come!  Now it is with these wonderful weekend memories that I will make it through another week.  Come fast Friday.

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