unexpected wake-up calls

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

You know those times in your life where everything seems to be going A-OK?  No one’s really sick, no one’s really sad – everything is just sorta smooth sailing.  And then it happens.  You get an unexpected wake-up call.  You feel that lump in your throat rising, you’re weak in the knees, you can’t speak or maybe you’re sobbing uncontrollably, and you just know something has gone wrong.  It can be a serious wake-up call where you lose someone or something in your life.  A traumatic experience that will change you and your loved ones forever.  Or maybe it’s a less permanent wake-up call that reminds you how blessed you are and just how short life is, but eventually life turns back to the way it was.
It’s these times in your life when you take a step back, reevaluate your priorities and hold everyone you love as close as you can.  You’re reminded of God’s grace and unconditional love and how comforting it is knowing that He is in control.  You look around at your home or your apartment and suddenly all of the “stuff” disappears and the only thing that remains is the people.  I think God does this on purpose.  He needs to bring us back to Him sometimes and in some cases the only way to do this is a wake-up call. 
Without going into too much detail, I experienced one of those wake-up calls this past Sunday.  Luckily it was replaced by the truth that everything will be OK and nothing has changed in my life for the permanent time.  But still.  Since then I drive with my windows down and the radio off.  I rush to the door even faster to give my husband kisses after work.  I break a smile in the middle of the day just remembering something funny my mom said the night before.  Right now I am present.  I am grateful for the time I am given and for the people of whom I can share it with.  And most of all I am grateful for those wake-up calls.  Those somewhat scary, uncertain times when God gives you a squeeze and reminds you just how truly blessed you are. 
So here’s to wake-up calls.  They happen every day and can be as subtle or as loud as God wants.  May they remind you of what is important in life and encourage you to live each day to the fullest.
These times also always bring back memories.  Happy memories.  So I'll share a few with you :)
family photo-op.  circa 1989.
the first time I held my oldest nephew. august 17, 2001

best friends, 2009

mexico with hubs, 2009

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