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Monday, June 22, 2015

oh hi!  i'm alive!  and still pregnant.  i promise to get back to blogging soon - i mean it!  but last week i had a bit of a panic attack when at my 36 week doctor appointment they told me i was 3cm dilated!  the thought that baby matthew could be here any day (or not for another 3 weeks, let's be honest) gave me a kick in the pants - which, honestly, i kinda needed!  so last week was filled with washing the tiniest little clothes and getting his room all ready (even though he won't really sleep in his room for a few months - but hey!  i can check it off).  he still needs things on the wall.  i'm working on a painting of some lyrics similar to the one I put in G's nursery, and I just ordered this print and this one from Lindsay Letters.  so progress is being made.

i ran into this article that someone posted on facebook last week and absolutely loved it.  i related so much in that this is truly the woman i want to be - the woman who loved her people well.  in 2014 God and i battled it out in sorts.  he refined me and really had to change the way i thought about life.  i was so concerned with not "doing enough" and "not making a big enough difference" as "just a stay at home mom."  now i look back at those thoughts and they break my heart because they are clearly lies from the devil.  the biggest lies.  i don't know what my future holds.  no idea.  but my right now includes me being a stay at home mommy and wife to (soon!) two babies and the sweetest of husbands.  and i want to do that well.  really well.  with God's grace and guidance.  i also want to be a good friend.  i've met some amazing woman this past year just through having a child in preschool, and through play dates and what not i've formed some sweet, sweet friendships.  i want to be a good friend to these women.  a friend that has the time and doesn't think twice about spending it on someone else.  so all this rambling was basically to say that y'all should read this article.  because it's good.  and just know that wherever you are in life, you are enough.  and god will use you right there.  so let him.

happy monday!  off to clear my camera card to get ready for my baby boy!!


nicole said...

so so true. that should be the goal for everyone!

cannot wait for this little guy to get here, hurrrrryyy

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