denise's summer beauty essentials

Thursday, June 4, 2015

summer beauty essentials

1.  Gentle Exfoliator - I use this every day now where as in the winter months I only needed it 2-3 times a week.  I keep it in my shower and it helps to slough off dead skin and excess sunscreen left over leaving my face clean and bright.  I will take this stuff to the grave with me yall.  It's that good.

2.  Dew Skin with SPF - On most days, after I wash my face in the morning I'll put this on and that is it.  Sometimes I'll add a light moisturizer underneath, but most summer days this Dew Skin is all I need.  It evens out my skin tone so well, doesn't break me out and gives me a daily SPF which I love.

3.  Body Oil - I use this every morning too.  It gives me some moisture while also adding a nice shine/glow to my legs and arms.  I'll dab a few drops on before I go out at night as well... and the smell?  Simply divine.

4.  Rashguard - I basically live in my Cabana Life Rashguard these days (I have the a khaki one, no longer on the site).  I put a bikini underneath and the ruching allows it to go over my belly so I don't scare people at the beach :)  Georgia also has one and she thinks it's so fun for her and mommy to "put rashguard on" before our pool dates.  Also, I'm sun physco and this is SPF 50.  Good for me - good for my babies.  I've already ordered baby boy one for next summer (and maybe late this summer!).

5.  Sunhat - I bought two good sunhats last summer and they have been my go-to this year as well.  Although I'm also known to throw on a ball cap for the beach, I love sunhats more because of the coverage.  My shoulders and chest get eaten alive in the sun, and hats are a surefire way to protect them.  I love this one from anthropologie!

6.  Sunscreen Lotion - I lather this on Georgia every. single. day.  It goes on smooth, isn't greasy and is so easily absorbed leaving no white streaks.  Our whole family uses it before a beach or pool outing including the hubby.  And let me just tell you that hubby of mine is picky when it comes to lotions of any sort.  He hates the way they feel, but getting him to wear this is no problem at all.

7.  Sunnies - I got these for Christmas and they are my favorite.  If I spend moola on sunglasses you can bet they are polarized and I love all of Warby Parker's frames.  Not to mention they are a good price for quality, polarized sunglasses.  G wear's sunglasses every day too.  We Lopatka's have sensitive eyes ya know?

8.  Sunscreen Stick - This is a new product from Beauty Counter and I am so excited about it!  My family uses the lotion form every day, but I'm going to be honest - getting G out of the water to reapply every 90 minutes is a nightmare!  I usually bribe her with a snack... but now I can use this stick for super easy application.  The hubby loves a good stick sunscreen as well so it's a win win for the whole fam again!

9.  H2O - I'm a camel these days.  Partially because of the babe in my belly and partially because we spend so much time outside!  If there is one thing I've learned about beauty and products over the last couple of years it's that a lot can be solved with water.  You.  Must.  Drink.  Water.  A lot!  Every day!  It helps with wrinkles, uneven skin tone, energy, moisture and so much more!  And it's more fun if you drink it out of a cute water bottle.  Need proof?!  Read THIS ARTICLE.  It blew my mind...


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