How I Chose to Live on Purpose

Thursday, March 5, 2015

taken last summer..can we go back?  or can we at least hurry up the warm weather please?!

"Living on Purpose" is a phrase that has been running through my brain so much over the past year or so.  Really since I became a mama.  Time is so fleeting.  Just today I was flipping through videos on my IPad and found myself, 20 minutes in, bawling at all of Georgia's videos from the first few weeks of her life (she was such a tiny, funny and adorable 7 week old y'all!).  That seems like yesterday.  And now she's 19 months old, getting ready to be a big sis.  I cannot even wrap my mind around how fast time is zooming by.  So living on purpose is something I want to do each and every day.  I want to know, that no matter how fast time whizzes by, I'm truly living it - taking chances, cherishing the little moments, being present, putting down my phone, having distraction free conversations with the people I love, pursuing Jesus with everything I have - because those are the things that fire me up.  Those are the things that give me a full life.  

So how do I do that?  I try.  That's the the first thing.  And I mess up a lot!  But one of the ways I can keep my heart and my mind set on the things that matter is starting my day with a little dose of Jesus.  In a perfect world, I would wake up at 5:30 and have an hour long quiet time every single morning.  And I am working to that, truly.  But right now, it really is just a little dose of Jesus at the start of my day.  Maybe while G is playing independently for a few minutes, or if I put on an episode of Little Einsteins, whenever I have a moment I take it.  Even that little reminder - a page from My Utmost for His Highest or Power Thoughts - focuses my mind on Him and not me, reminding me that today is not about me after all.  It's about Jesus and serving others.  And I need that reminder about 1 million times a day.

Another thing I try and do is I always leave my phone downstairs.  And by always, I mean most of the time.  There are times when I run down to grab it so I can take a video or a picture of my crazy toddler, but most of the time it remains downstairs.  Seems silly, but a large portion of playtime with G happens upstairs in her playroom or her "big girl room" as she calls it, which - side note: there is nothing in her big girl room yet except my old comforter that we are cutting down for her to use and a whole bunch of baby toys.  But for some reason, she lovessssss it.  And I even let her swing in her old baby swing praying she doesn't break it.  I digress.... back to the phone thing.  My phone used to be such a distraction between Facebook, Instagram, Email and texting.  And sure there is a time for all of that.  Texting with my girlfriends is a great way we keep in touch when we are all running in separate directions, but not during one-on-one time with my girl.  I also don't want Georgia to think that mommy is always distracted by something, or that she always has to have her phone.  I want Georgia (and baby boy) to value focus and attention and to understand that the best gift you can truly give someone is your full, undivided attention.  So I give her mine.  Every chance I get.  

"If you fail to plan, you plan to fail."  We've all heard this quote a billion times by good ole' Ben Franklin (or possibly Winston Churchill?  or both!).  Well it. is. so. true.  I plan y'all.  I have to so I'm not a crazy person.  The main thing I plan is dinners.  I get such anxiety every day around noon if I haven't planned our dinner for that day.  Usually on Saturday or Sunday before we go to the grocery store I will make a lose dinner plan, run it by Matt, make any changes and boom.  Crisis averted.  We rarely go out to eat because, well, Gigi makes for a special restaurant guest at her current age and state.  So we avoid it.  And we eat healthier and save money when we eat at home so it's a triple win.  Make that a quadruple win with little ole' me has a plan and can prep dinner during nap time.  When mama's not a crazy person.... the whole house is happier, trust me :)

And last, I only let my to-do lists get so long.  I usually stop at 4-5 things a day and if laundry is one of those things I stop at 1.  Because laundry just takes forever.  And it's my least favorite chore on the planet.  I'm a big list-maker anyway but if I had my way I would have a list of 25 things to accomplish on a random Tuesday and when I'm trying to focus on what's important that day - raising my baby and being a loving wife - then I can't possibly accomplish all 25 things.  So I spare myself the unrealistic expectations as well as the added disappointment and I make realistic lists and I keep them small.  I do have a section in my planner where I have long-term goals and I find this extremely helpful in keeping me on track with things I want to accomplish.  But I usually only glance at those weekly and keep my short, day-lists in front of me.  

And those are a few ways I try to live on purpose each and every day.  I hope you enjoyed this little series and hearing from all of these amazing women.  I know I did.  How do you live on purpose??


henning love said...

your dress is gorgeous denise! the design is so perfect. i am trying to do that too wake up at least an hour before caleb, it helps when i can get that actual hour in, i feel more prepared for the day. thank goodness for Jesus especially when I mess up

Anonymous said...

I love this, beauty!! you are such a good mama and wife!! I have felt convicted of the whole phone thing lately too. it's crazy that our parents just did not even have to deal with that!

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