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Friday, January 9, 2015

*all photos taken by my amazingly talented best friend, meredith miller, during our christmas party.

these days the little lady has a wild mind of her own, and frankly a schedule of her own too.  so our days look slightly different than the last but that's ok.  truthfully, i've never been good about keeping a schedule, but as georgia has gotten older i have attempted to make it more of a priority.  ultimately she does better with a schedule.  so i've been using the Moms on Call App to keep me straight!  We are also in the process of dropping her morning nap AND experiencing a bit of the 18 month sleep regression, so let's just say things are interesting these days.  but nonetheless they are fun.  so fun!  so here is what most of our days look like:

7-7:30 - wake up.  let me just pause here and say this is ideal.  this is what matt and i silently pray for as we lay georgia down at night.  and we get this a few mornings a week.  but a few mornings a week we also get the 5:45 wake-up.  so when that happens we deal.  
7:30 - breakfast.  g is on an egg kick these days.
7:30-9:30/10 - play play play!  we try to get lots of wiggles out here.
9:30 or 10 - snack time! usually applesauce and a granola bar, or some yogurt
10-12 - play some more!  this is a hard time of day for us.  georgia is usually exhausted because she hasn't adjusted to one nap a day just yet so it's super important for me to keep her occupied.  i bring out the play dough or we go for walks.  i try to avoid the car during this time so she doesn't nod off for a quick cat nap.
12 - lunch time.  because she is so sleepy by this time, this is her "worst" meal of the day in terms of how much she eats + her attention span.  so i save her favorites for lunch - things she can't turn down (yogurt, guacamole, mac n cheese, turkey/cranberry/cheese sandwich, kiwi, strawberries and veggie soup are all on rotation during lunch)
12:30ish - naptime!  she usually sleeps anywhere from 2-3 hours during this time.  when she wakes up we play play play until snack.
3:30 - snack time.  usually some hummus, cheddar bunnies, a smoothie and/or apple slices
5:30/6 - dinner time!  matt and i don't eat at this time because he isn't home from work yet so she usually eats whatever we had the night before, or what we are having that night just a little early.
7 - bath time.  this is a serious struggle lately and i'm not sure what gives.  she used to love bathtime!  any suggestions mamas?
7:30/8 - night night as georgia says.  and then mom and day pray for 12 hours of sleep.

wala!  that is how we roll.  what do you other mamas do for a schedule?  any tips?


Kelly Slater said...

Yay for schedules! We had the bath time woes also. We bought those bath drops that change the water color, and every night, it was a game to see which color the water would be. Sometimes, T even liked to throw in a few and see all the colors mix together. Also, new toys and bubbles helps. We just got T some Sophia bath paints and a new tea set, both she loves. Maybe a new bath robe or fun towel? And, of course, having her little brother in there helps too, which you'll find out about soon enough. :-) Just keep to the routine and be persistent.

Living In This Season said...

She is adorable!!! So cute! It's such a hard transition with the naps. You are such an amazing mama!

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