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Monday, January 5, 2015

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a blank slate.  that is exactly what this year is.  excited?  most definitely.  a little scary?  that too.  as i alluded to in my last post, the past 6 or so weeks have left me with so much to ponder - one of those things being this here space.  when i started this blog almost 3 years ago i wanted it to be a place of encouragement.  a place where someone, having a not-so-bright day, could come and find hope and be pointed to jesus.  i also love the mama community i have found and plan to continue to share throughout this pregnancy as well.  but most importantly, i want this place to be a reflection of my heart.  and my heart is not consumed with stuff.  so over the next year i will attempt to write with more purpose.  intention and purpose.  in her amazing book that all y'all should read, Jen Wilkin said, "Every good endeavor should be done with purpose" and that is what I hope for this space as well.  i want to share what's on my heart - whether that be what God is teaching me at the moment, how I'm struggling with the latest parenting task, or what must-have's I am hoping for as I prepare for baby number 2.  whatever it is, there will be a purpose with my posts, that I can promise you.  

i spent about 2 good hours yesterday making new year's resolutions and goals and choosing my one word.  while i will slowly share the rest over the next few posts, one of those goals is to truly enjoy the present.  leading up the the beginning of this year i felt kinda hazy.  it's almost as if i wanted to rush through it.  i get to meet my youngest baby in july and well, i didn't really want to wait on that.  but my heart has changed and i am slowly realizing the value of the now.  i don't want to miss this pregnancy and what it feels like, even if that's not so great!  i don't want to miss the next 6 months of georgia growing and changing, even if that involves some MAJOR temper tantrums and still a bit of a sleep struggle.  matt and i always see older kids out and about with their parents and we look at each other and say wow, that will be us one day.  one day georgia will sit quietly in a restaurant for an hour.  one day she will know all of the words she needs to tell me how she feels.  but that one day is not now, and for that i am so thankful.  i want to enjoy every single second of parenting, even the hard bits, and there's a lot of those y'all.  but there are so many million more good bits.  i don't want to miss lazy sundays with my family or bike rides that burn my legs in the first 2 minutes :)  i don't want to miss any of it.  so i'm choosing not to.  wherever i am, i want to be all there.

so cheers to the here and now.  more on my other goals to come.  have y'all made any resolutions or goals for the new year?  you can see my pinterest board for 2015 here!

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