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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Dear Readers,
Soooo I owe you an apology.  I have officially become the worst blogger in history!  My lack of posts make me sad so, in turn, I apologize.  However, life has just been so fast-tracked lately and well - being 37 weeks pregnant makes you a little crazy at times.  There are so many posts I have in mind to write.  Things I want to share.  I promise I will get to those very soon.  But lately, my days have been filled with washing a certain little person's clothes, putting together a pack-n-play, and organizing every nook and cranny in my home (I have taken nesting to a whole new level my friends).  So I leave you today with bits and pieces of my life lately.  And with that I promise to have more posts coming in the future!
the worst blogger ever :)

photo cred: Meredith Miller



The Yarbrough's said...

You look sooo cute!!! I love your seashell dress. Looks great on you!! :)

Amanda Marshall said...

I feel the same. Where has the time gone!!?? I cannot believe you're already 37 weeks, and me almost 32. Our pregnancies are flying. I hope you're getting in plenty of rest inbetween all the nesting (haha I am SO there with you!! whole new level of shinanagins!!). Sending you lots of love pretty mama!

Meggan said...

You have such a cute blog!! So glad I found it! You look amazing and you are almost there! I have a 15 week old and it feels like I was pregnant just yesterday! Enjoy your last few weeks, I know it can be hard when all you want to do is meet your little one! xo Meggan Vintage Modern Mom

Nicole Shea said...

37 weeks pregnant this Sunday!! Eeeek!!! We also just washed his clothes and put together the pack'n play, we're using that as a bassinet! And trust me--I hear you on the 'world's worst blogger' feelings...I took a several month hiatus as well!

Unknown said...

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gunardi said...

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