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Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Please forgive my silence this week and lack of posts.  This is the first week of our summer camp and honestly when I get home from work the only thing on my mind is my couch and a tub of mint chocolate chip ice cream.  As I’ve said before, I will never post just for the sake of posting but I promise to have some good ones for y’all next week! 

And this quote above is one that I refer to often so I wanted to share.  Passion is something I strive for in everything I do.  If you don’t have a passion for something in life, how do you survive?  So today, on this Hump Day of the longest week ever, I choose passion.  Because frankly running after 22 kindergarteners all day at 8 months pregnant is not always fun.  But it is my passion for these kids’ futures that keeps me going… and the fact that I only have 3 more weeks J

Happy Wednesday!  And here are some more inspiring words…thank you Pinterest for keeping me going today.



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Unknown said...

I love this post :)

Kari said...

Love all of these quotes.

Jessica said...

Hang in there, lady! You are rockin' it I'm sure!

Katie Cook said...

Girl, you are amazing and lovely:) Love you!

jessanneharrop said...

Love that last quote! :)

Kelly Slater said...

Love all of these! :o) xoxo

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