35 week letter to baby girl

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Dear Georgia,

You are 35 weeks miss priss!  And we are in excitement overload over here.  Your mama and daddy cannot wait to kiss your sweet lips!  You actually gave us a little scare on Sunday though.  First of all, you had quite the celebratory day on Saturday – filled with sweet friends, yummy food and lots and lots of love.  Well I guess it wore you out, and your mama.  Because Sunday was spent in bed having some major Braxton Hicks.  It scared me a bit because I don’t want you to come 5 weeks early.  I want you to gain weight and be so healthy!  But I’m not gonna lie baby girl, a small part of me felt a ting of excitement and maybe even hopefulness that I could get to meet you early (I told your dad to start packing our bag!).  But ultimately you need to do a few more weeks of cooking.  And I will have to be patient.

Oh and your dad?  He doesn’t stand a chance.  All day on Sunday, he tended to your mama’s every need and I love to imagine the day he looks into your eyes.  You will have his heart from the very first second.  Your daddy will show you a love that only he can.  A serving love and a selfless love.  A protecting love and a love that overflows.  He’s a good man Georgia.  And I know he’s going to take the best care of us.

I love you.

Love, mama

a picture from my shower on saturday!  more to come later :)

** So excited to share my maternity photos later this week **


Pamela said...

You are just the cutest! Can't wait to see more pictures from your baby shower!

Lynzy said...

Aww you are too cute! My baby shower isnt until 36 weeks and I am nervous that it is so late! I have had quite a few scares (even though I am only 25 weeks) - I am being watched closely for cervical shortening and still not on bed rest which is good, but I just want to get her to the 34 week mark! I so know how you feel! I bet you won't deliver until 40 weeks + ! :)

xx Lynzy

Lindley @ The Grinning Labrador said...

Aw this is so sweet!!! Georgia is such a pretty name too!

Sheila@TheFailteHouse said...

Looks like it was a fun shower and can't wait to see these pics!! Glad you are rested again and still praying for your growing Georgia :) xo

Megan, TfDiaries.com said...

such a cute bump!
Xo, Megan, www.TfDiaries.com

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