19 Weeks: My Preggy Must-have's

Monday, March 4, 2013

pregnancy must-haves

1. Coconut Oil - I am am still wondering why it took me being pregnant to discover this stuff.  It's ah-maze-ing.  I'm using it for stretch mark prevention so check back in 5 months for an update on that - but it's benefits reach farther than that.  We cook with it now too.  I use it to wash my face.  Love love love.

2. Mama Mio Products - I haven't tried their tummy butter because, as mentioned above, I'm sticking with my coconut oil, but I love their Lucky Legs and Boob Toob!  Don't know if I need either of them considering my boobies are too small to sag and my legs haven't shown any signs of spider veins or swelling (thankful for that!), but they smell delicious and make me feel pampered.  So I like em.  

3.  Oikos Greek Yogurt - I am killing this stuff.  I can eat it by the carton for sure.  I especially love the Superfruit and Chocolate flavors.  Yummmm.

4. Comfy Shirts in a size bigger.  I love these worn-in shirts from JCrew especially.  And I get them in a size up - oh man are they comfy!  They are all I wear.  To work.  At home.  To bed.

5.  Leggings.  This is a no-brainer.  All pregnant women love some leggings.  Especially after wear jeans or work pants all day.  I live in my leggings.  'Nuff said.

6.  A journal.  I bought these two journals in green (gender friendly on both ends) for my little babe.  I've been storing writing to the little peanut ever since I first discovered him/her.  Anything from prayers and lessons I've learned, to funny memories or sweet experiences with his/daddy.  I hope one day he/she will cherish these letters from mama.

7.  Humidifier.  This is a must for me.  Everyone forgot to tell me that when you get pregnant you often lose the ability to breath out of your nose.  Apparently this is a common thing.  It even has a fancy name - rhinitis.  Well let me tell you I am constantly stuffy!  And this humidifier has been a life-savor for me.  I've also been told they are good for babies so we plan to keep one in our bedroom and one in the nursery.  

8.  Tracy Anderson Pregnancy Project.  I didn't really work out much those first 3 months.  Part nerves.  Part nausea.  Part exhaustion.  And part just plain protest (I mean helloooo I'm busy making a baby, and I'm supposed to exercise?).  But I've slowly gotten back into exercising with these pregnancy videos.  I love them.  There is a video for each month of pregnancy and Tracy is pregnant in the videos too.  They are not strenuous but I feel like I get something out of them.  For me, I don't exercise right now for the toned butt or lean arms.  It's all about confidence and a mental state of mind.  It makes me feel better about myself and my changing body.   And a confidence boost is enough for me to pop in these 30 minute videos a few times a week.  

So those are my pregnancy must-have's as of right now.... I'm sure the list will change and grow tremendously as my belly does the same!  Oh I can't wait.  


k8te said...

great list, i love these types of things. bookmarking it for later :)

and #1. could not agree more about the coconut oil. i've been washing my face with it for 2 months straight, and it's SO SO awesome. we haven't started to cook with it yet, but i want to. i also use it to condition my hair! :)

Anonymous said...

So happy and excited for you, Denise! Hope you have a wonderful week! :)

Diana Oates said...

You are the cutest. Have loved reading about your pregnancy!

Andrea @ Mostly Happenstance said...

Hi Denise! Following you from Jessica @NC Grown page since she linked up with my 'I love our sponsors' link up (http://www.mostlyhappenstance.com/2013/03/atypical-sponsor-love.html). I can't wait to get to know you better!

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