Valentine's Day Gifts for Your Sweetie

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Valentine's gift ideas for your Man!

Tomorrow is February 1!  The month of love.  Valentine's Day is on my brain for sure and it's got my wondering what to get my sweetie.  If y’all are like me, you love shopping for your husband.  Sometimes it’s tough, don’t get me wrong, but I love picking out things I think he will love and wrapping them all pretty then watching his sweet brown eyes as he opens them.  Love it!  Well we aren’t big Valentine’s Day gift-givers.  We’ve never really done gifts for each other on this holiday other than some chocolate (OK lots of chocolate – and not just for me) and a sweet date night.  But this year with baby coming and all I wanted to get him a little man-gift.  Just a little something to remind him that I love him for who he is and what he loves.  A little something to make him feel special, because trust me, he’s been doing a lot of making me feel special lately, and I think it’s his turn!  So this year, these are the top of my list for Matt and I just so happened to be giving him one (or maybe more) of these items.  Hope this helps you if you’re shopping for your man!

1.       Omaha steaks.  A shipment for the man’s man.  They have tons of varieties from burgers, to filet mignons, to chicken and even some side and dessert dishes.  My man loves his grill, so this is the perfect gift for him as the weather begins to heat up.  And really ladies, who doesn’t love dinner on the grill with no clean-up on our parts?  That’s what I thought.

2.       Golf Lesson.  I actually got this for Matt for Christmas but he loved it so I thought I’d share.  He loves golf and the idea of spending an hour with a professional to “sharpen” his skills gets him all giddy inside.  So if your guy likes to golf, get him a lesson, or a gift card for a round or two with his buddies!

3.       Wake Forest Paraphernalia (substitute your man’s alma mater or favorite team here).  New shirt, hat, lamp, book, blanket, you get the picture.  Anything that has to do with Wake Forest that he can put in his man cave is a win-win. 

4.       Tickets.  To anything.  Well, not a Celine Dion concert (hello, Kate Hudson in How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days).  But tickets to a sporting event or man-friendly concert.  I live in a college town and every now and then Matt and I will check out a basketball game or two.  Don’t like basketball?  Take him to a football game, a professional soccer game, shoot – his old high school’s game on Friday night.  If your man likes sports like mine does, he’ll be happy watching any type of sporting event.  Not into sports at all?  Get tickets to a concert he’d enjoy!  You get an experience with your guy that he’ll appreciate.

5.       “Man tools.” Things he needs for yard work, a new tool he’s been wanting, or grill utensils.  As boring as these things sound to most of us ladies, some men eat it up.  Lucky for me, my guy is one of them.  So go to Lowes, Home Depot or Target and pick up something that he’s been eyeing but feel bad buying for himself.  Even if you get the wrong brand or size (he can exchange it), the thought behind trying to get into “his world” will mean enough. 


k8te said...

omaha steaks is a great gift idea, i know Tim would love that!

Chelsea said...

I think my man would go for anything food lol what can i say, he's obsessed

nicole said...

my husband LOVES when we get omaha steaks for any type of gift!

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