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April 26, 2012

For today’s post and for a little challenge, I am teaming up with Sarah from Fairy Tales Are True to try and list 1,000 gifts in my life. Her post was inspired by the book, One Thousand Gifts: A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are by Ann Voskamp. The title itself says it all. It is a challenge, a call to action – to not just live right where you are but to live fully where you are – be present. When I started this blog I hoped to document and journal the things of which I am grateful for and the 1000 gift challenge seems to go alongside with that perfectly. I think one of the most important things in life is to be aware of what you haveand not of what you don’t have. If you are always concentrating on what you want, you will miss the blessings and gifts in front of you now.

So without further ado, here is the beginning of my list. Check the side button often because it will be continually growing….
1. My husband’s smile
2. My puppy’s sleepy eyes
3. The fact that no matter how old Sevilla is she will always be a “puppy”
4. Cooking dinner with Matt
5. Daily chats with my mom
6. My favorite nightgown
7. Red Wine
8. All Reese Witherspoon movies
9. My oldest nephew, Chase’s phone calls
10. Dark chocolate popsicles with raspberry filling (I know right – Weight Watchers from Harris Teeter)
11. My blue heels
12. My blue tennis sweatpants from high school
13. My husband’s text message every morning when he gets to work
14. My husband’s persistence
15. My pink satin pillowcase
16. E News
17. Finishing our first study as a small group
18. Walks with Sevilla
19. My new bike
20. Bike rides with Matt
21. Daily emails with old friends
22. Support of my parents
23. Fantasy Football (yes babe, I said it. It is a gift in my life too – because you love it)
24. College Football – Pack, Deacs and Hokies
25. My first year of marriage in Winston-Salem
26. Afternoon thunderstorms
27. Dinner with great friends
28. Watching American Idol with Matt
29. Friends' Successes
30. Old pictures
31. Sweet In-laws
32. Crazy Nephews
33. Work Friends
34. My Chai Latte
35. Sleepy Husband
36. Laughs with my co-workers at lunch
37. Stories about my co-worker's kids
38. My Skinny Chai Latte from Port City Java
39. Anticipation of upcoming vacations
40. The opportunity to plan a party for a friend
 41. Collaboration at work
42. After dinner walks with my hubby and my pup
43. The unpredictability of my kids at school
44. My Moon and Lola necklace I wear every day
45. My husband's patience to watch a William and Kate special with me
46. Hot tea in place of coffee
47. Going to bed at 10 pm
48. The sound of my puppy eating (weird I know, but I’ve always loved this)
49. Searching endlessly for a picture of Blake Lively’s wedding dress
50. Hearing my husband pray
51. Slight chill in the air
52. Anything with pumpkin
53. Shopping for my husband’s birthday
54. Leaving church challenged
55. Birthday celebrations
57. College Football
58. NFL Football
59. Weekends at home
60. Baked Salmon
61. Fall leaves
62. All things pumpkin
63. Halloween costumes
64. Especially Sevilla's costumes
65. Running in the rain
66. Sunrises
67. Skinny Pumpkin Latte
68. K-love
69. A friend's familiar voice
70. Remembering something funny
71. College football
72. My alma-mater
73. Target tank tops
74. Facials with Vanessa
75. A small chill on a walk
76. Chase's voice
77. Wade's laugh
78. Easton's smile
79. Matt's haircuts
80. Burning a birthday cake
81. Fresh salmon
82. Singing while driving
83. The gift to be able to exercise
84. My students' smiles
85. New opportunities
86. Closing chapters
87. Casa Nuestra Two Goats Red
88. Dallas, TX
89. Sparkle shorts
90. Late night chats with besties
91. Laughing until my belly hurts
92. Splitting your pizza with friends
93. Person of Interest
94. Beating Matt in Jeopardy
95. Losing to Matt in Jeopardy
96. An understanding husband
97. Hope for the future
98. A positive sign
99. Crying to a loved one
100. Feeling the closeness of God through a song
scott piner
101. Relating to blog friends
102. Making blog friends
103. Being still
104. My small group's encouragement
105. Pregnant friends
106. My mom's selflessness
107. My dad's hero-like nature
108. Hot apple cider
109. Going to bed at 9 pm
110. Waking up at 7 am
111. Buying presents for Matt
112. Candles
113. The calming nature of a clean house
114. Girls' dinners
115. Sweet encouragement at work
116. Saying no
117. Dinner parties
118. Salted caramel anything
119. Field trips at school
120. Learning more about myself
121. Friends' birthdays
122. Singing happy birthday to friends
123. Anything thing with glitter
124. Christmas shopping
125. Wrapping paper
126. A handwritten note
127. An encouraging text
128. Pink skies
129. Birds chirping early
130. Sevilla barking at her puppy friends
131. Sevilla rolling over so the 3-year-olds can rub her belly
132. My mom's friends
133.  Another nephew on the way
134. Sweet sisters I can talk to to
135. My sister's new opportunity
136. Sevilla's haircut
137. Sevilla's Jackie-O peacoat
138. My Uggs
139.Cozy socks
140. Pajamas all day
141. Crockpots
142. Challenging blogs
143. More of Him
144. Less of me
145. High Heels
146. Rompers
147. Weasels
148. E News
149. Clean counter tops
150. Chocolate glazed donuts
151. 4 people in the back seat
152. Gingerale
153. Decorating
154. Sunshine
155. Egg and Cheese on an English Muffin
156. Cream cheese icing
157. Spinach
158. Green smoothies
159. Lunch breaks
160. Arts and crafts
161. Old friends and coffee
162. Optimistic friends
163. Matt's gray sweatpants
164. My red sweatpants
165. My vacuum
166. Engagements
167. Apple sauce
168. An entire festival of apple sauce
169. My old dance costumes
170. The fact that my mom throws away nothing
171. The fact that I inherited that trait
172. Tailgates
173. Cowboy boots
174. Beer pong at tailgates
175. Kickoff at Carter-Finley Stadium


Anonymous said...

I love this challenge! I could not think of a better name for your blog... You are such an inspiration and I am totally grateful to call you my friend!

Melanie said...

doing this. starting... now. thanks :)

Sheila@TheFailteHouse said...

Oh my word - I am doing the same thing, found from the amazing Sarah Tucker! Such a wonderful idea and I love the button you made for it!

Mrs. H said...

I just love this idea. Your list is beautiful. New follower here & I'm loving your blog.

Xo, B


Ashley Robyn said...

New blogger through Alexa. Just adore her. Love this list. For sure starting this beginning in 2013. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

LOVE this idea. The book was incredible and love that you have this list on your blog. Absolutely doing this! Thank you for the inspiration!
Be blessed!

Anonymous said...

LOVE this idea. The book was incredible and love that you have this list on your blog. Absolutely doing this! Thank you for the inspiration!
Be blessed!

Anonymous said...

LOVE this idea. The book was incredible and love that you have this list on your blog. Absolutely doing this! Thank you for the inspiration!
Be blessed!

Mrs. Coach Sims said...

this is too! I loved that book!

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

Great challange, will try! In the meantime you can check out my website http://www.thefantasyfootballers.com/ Its pretty cool as well, promise!

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